These Resources Will Help You Grow Your Startup

One of the biggest maker trends on Product Hunt this past year was curated resource lists: collections of startup resources in various categories all designed to make your job easier. These products are very popular within the Product Hunt community whenever they’re submitted, so we thought we’d highlight some of the best ones by creating a list of startup resource lists! :)

Here are five sites that will help you find the information you need to launch a startup, and if you’d like to jump ahead the full collection is here.

1. Startup Stash

A curated directory of 400 resources and tools for startups.

Startup Stash is the most upvoted product on Product Hunt of all time. If you’re just starting a startup and you have no idea where to begin, Startup Stash was built for you just for that reason. Whether you are looking for a design or project management tool, or you need help with drawing up a contract or creating a P&L, you can find just about any tool you’ll ever need on Startup Stash. There are over 400 products in 40 different categories listed on Startup Stash, so you’re bound to find a bunch of useful stuff. Bookmark it!

2. Startup Launch List

Articles you need to read before launching a startup.

The amount of content out there about starting and scaling a business can be quite overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a Twitter feed or Pocket list of articles offering up advice on everything from fundraising to designing a product to building a customer base. Enter Startup Launch List.

While it’s not possible to capture every great read on the web, you can count on Startup Launch List to help you whittle things down to the essentials you need to read You’ll find a collection of the best articles on: coming up with an idea, becoming a successful founder, building a team, creating a product, making money, and more. You’ll find some of the best content from Chris Dixon, Hiten Shah, Paul Graham, Mark Cuban, Jason Fried, Fred Wilson, Mark Suster, Tim Ferriss, and other investors and entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Happy reading :-)

3. Freebie.Supply

A list of free things for entrepreneurs and startups.

Free stuff! When you’re working on a new startup funds are usually limited. You don’t have a gazillion dollars to spend on a fancy CRM tool or new website build. Fear not — Freebie.Supply can fit into any budget no matter how tight funds may be. It’s all free.

On Freebie.Supply you’ll find tools and resources to help you with: productivity, coding, design, email management, analytics, marketing, and more. The only risk you run is choosing too many free things to try simultaneously. Our recommendation? Come up with a list of tools you need the most to run your business, and go to those sections to begin.

4. FoundersKit

$6,000 of discounts for the best startup tools for only $39.

If you do happen to have a little cash to spend on startup tools, spend in on FoundersKit first. Invest $39 for an annual membership, and get over $6,000 worth of exclusive discounts. Here are just a few of the deals to look forward to:

  • Intercom— 50% off the first 3 months of your new membership
  • Moo — 20% off all printed products
  • Less Accounting — 31% off the first 3 months
  • FreshBooks — 10% lifetime discount
  • InVision — Get your first 3 months for free

FoundersKit is worth the one-time purchase if you’re looking to try a bunch of new paid tools this year.

5. Growth Tools

A curated collection of growth hacking tools.

If you’re looking for a more robust set of tools meant to help you grow your startup, Growth Tools is the curated resource list you should be eyeing. You can find everything from smart analytics products to content marketing optimization tools, the list goes on, and includes all the tools and techniques for the type of growth hacking you’re thinking.

Within particular sections you can filter down the options by subcategories, which saves a lot of time when starting at a list of similar things. For instance, if you’re looking for a CRO software product with A/B testing functionality, you can slice the list down. Even if you aren’t looking for more tools, browsing this site might give you some growth strategy ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

If you’re looking for more curated lists of startup resources you can find the full Product Hunt collection here.