Since the current tutorial series is where we build Yelp in React is coming to an end, I’m super happy to announce the start of a new tutorial series — this time around with Node.js

As part of this series we will cover how to implement a cookie-based session authentication system with Node.js and Redis. We cover what server-side sessions are, how they work and what advantages they have.

There will be 9 videos in this series that will be released step by step. For the impatient among you: you can already check out code on Github repository.

I decided to go for shorter tutorial in the future because it seems that not that many people appreciate super long in-depth series that require 30+ videos.

Originally published at on May 11, 2020.

1 Overview

In the last tutorial, we updated our VideoPreview so we can use it to display related videos.

Guess what we’re going to do in this tutorial 🤓.

Here’s what we would like to have:

2 Adding Youtube RelatedVideos component

2.1. Creating RelatedVideos files

The RelatedVideos component will only be responsible for correctly laying out VideoPreviews elements. We can assume…

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