The Politics of Not Shaving in This Patriarchal Dystopia
Sarah Kasbeer

Thanks for sharing your story…. but, respectfully, you’re off base. First of all, not shaving your legs is a trite version of a hunger strike, and this First World movement is a bit insensitive to real social activists making real sacrifices against real injustice. Second of all… body hair is gross, yuck… for EVERYONE! and third of all don’t bring your politics into the bedroom… up to this point, you had clean, smooth hairless legs and now you’re pulling a “bait and switch” … even so, if my wife woke up one day and could only be intimate with a bald man… I’d shave my head… you’re married, it’s what you do.

I appreciate the social pressure you feel and as a man can’t even pretend to have authentic empathy for the forces trying to control women’s bodies, all across the board. But, acting out just doing the opposite doesn’t make your actions right. If there was a movement to prevent men from getting face tattoos and I got a face tattoo to prove them wrong… I mean, WTF?

I’m not a hairy guy, no back hair, but also as a swimmer I’ve for years shave my legs and chest… it’s a clean, slick look. I remember, as a 13 year old, how bummed I was when my body started changing and was covered in hair, I no longer looked like the superheroes in my cartoons, so sad.


I digress, anyway, doing something wrong to prove a point is worse than shaving, in the first place. If you’re suddenly infatuated with body hair so much that you must grow it out…. it’s your life, go on with your fury self… but if you’re just doing this to prove a point, why?

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