Mentorship is so crucial to everyone, especially the underrepresented population

Products by Women
Sep 10 · 3 min read

By Ramona Arora

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Born and raised in Taiwan, Puppy graduated from University of Michigan and is currently working as the Data Lead at CB Insights in NYC. Since an early age, Puppy has been passionate about science and technology innovations. If she hadn’t gone into STEM, she would have been in anthropology, sociology, and psychology due to her fascination with minds, culture, and humanity. She has traveled to multiple countries and identifies herself as a part of the LGBTQ community. Apart from her nerdy side, she loves art, music, books, writing, and enjoys doing 30-day challenges.

PBW: Tell us about your journey and what inspired you to pursue a career in data?

Puppy: I have loved numbers since I was young. It gives me chills when I see messy or chaotic numbers organized or turned into something meaningful. Data gives me the same excitement and enjoyment when it is collected, cleaned, analyzed, and interpreted.

PBW: How has a background in Psychology and Statistics prepared you to be a data leader?

Puppy: I studied psychology because I wanted to become a therapist. I find human minds mysterious and fascinating. However, I was too curious about many different subjects (from sociology to literature, philosophy, and mathematics), and eventually, ended up doing a statistics major and mathematics minor. They are all equally important and have helped me in becoming a better person. I personally think that all industries involving humans will require psychology to better understand human behaviors and patterns, in order to make winning products/services or to promote better interactions. Due to statistics and mathematics, I am able to understand the importance of data/numbers themselves and not be fooled. There’s always a bigger context out there regarding data.

PBW: What are your thoughts on mentorship and how do you wish to contribute to it?

Puppy: Mentorship is so crucial to everyone, especially the underrepresented population. It is a bridge that connects the inequality gaps. I have met many mentors in different life stages and I will be forever grateful to them. I have been lost sometimes when I wish there was a mentor who could guide me through the sorrowful and difficult moments. This was why I connected with individuals associated with Products by Women. I’d love to become a mentor (even if I might not be fully capable of being a mentor), to help and support anyone that is in need.

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Products by Women is a diverse global community network for women in innovation, tech and beyond. The network offers women the opportunity to connect and learn from peers from around the world, find jobs beyond borders and get matched with recruiters and mentors to accelerate their career.

“Simply put, if we are building products for the people of the world, the people of the world have to build the products. Technology has to be open-minded and equitable because the future of our very existence depends on it.” Michelle Gbolumah

Products by Women was founded in 2019 and was formerly called New York Women in Product Management (NYWPM). The network has now expanded virtually across US, India, Canada, Singapore, Amsterdam, UK and more… and is now a diverse community where women can connect, innovate, exchange ideas and make some deep friendships along the way.

In less than a year Products by Women has partnered with organization and speakers from Glossier, Forbes, Etsy, Columbia University, OXO, Compass and many more start-ups from all over the world.

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