Cómo Rusia ayuda en secreto a Evo Morales a ganar su cuarta elección

Roman Badanin, Maria Zholobova, Olga Churakova, Mikhail Rubin, con la participación de Yulia Apukhtina y Daniil Sotnikov

Evo Morales lucha por un cuarto mandato como presidente de Bolivia. Un grupo de consultores políticos rusos vinculados al Kremlin que se encarga de redes sociales fue enviado a La Paz hace unos meses para ayudar a Morales, dijeron a The Project tres fuentes sin vínculos entre sí. Con esto, Moscú quiere garantizar que sus empresas estatales tengan una larga vida en Bolivia, principalmente Rosatom.

How Russia secretly helps Evo Morales to win the fourth election

by Roman Badanin, Maria Zholobova, Olga Churakova, Mikhail Rubin, with the participation of Yulia Apukhtina and Daniil Sotnikov

Evo Morales is fighting for a fourth term as president of Bolivia. A group of Kremlin-related Russian political consultants responsible for social media was sent to La Paz a few months ago to help Morales, three unrelated sources told The Project. Moscow wants to guarantee its state-owned companies, primarily Rosatom, a long presence in Bolivia.

Russian intelligence agencies are recruiting students from the Moscow State Institute of international relations, Russia’s main diplomatic university, four students told The Project on condition of anonymity.

One of them, a young man studying Montenegrin, says that in 2015 he was invited to the deputy dean’s office. There he met the unknown man who did not name himself. The man offered the student to help two countries at once — Russia and Montenegro, — and at the same time “to earn and travel”. Voicing the proposal, the man gave the student time to think “about the future, homeland and career.”…

Family of Eccentric Russian “Loyal Opposition” Leader Owns Millions in Undeclared Property

Yulia Lukyanova, Mikhail Rubin, Maria Zholobova, Roman Badanin, with Ilya Rozhdestvensky and in collaboration with OCCRP, June 10, 2019

The family of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a controversial elder statesman of Russian politics and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, owns undeclared property worth an estimated $135 million.

Russian politicians are obliged to annually declare properties and income that belong to them, their spouses, and their children. Though Zhirinovsky has been a member of parliament since 1993, and his son Igor since 1999, the assets revealed in this investigation do not technically fall under this requirement because they are registered to women who are not officially married to the two men.

But the combined value and elite…

The Man Behind the Kremlin’s Control of the Russian Media

Michail Rubin, Maria Zholobova, Roman Badanin, in collaboration with OCCRP, June 5, 2019

It is widely known that major Russian media outlets — especially television — are controlled by the government. But who actually manages the Kremlin’s grip? This is the story of Alexey Gromov, a former diplomat who has gained great influence and power as Vladimir Putin’s media puppetmaster.

In the spring of 2017, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in about 100 Russian cities to protest political corruption and other problems in national government.

Western media and Russian Internet news outlets published stories about the marches, many focusing on the police who brutally dispersed the crowds and arrested nearly 2,000 protesters. But Russian viewers of the country’s television channels saw little of this. …

How the Russian government fell in love with mysticism

by Mikhail Rubin, Roman Badanin, with Yulia Lukyanova and Maria Zholobova, May 29, 2019

The Russian leadership, as in the old days, passionately communicates with Orthodox elders. The main one is Elijah (Nozdrin), the Patriarch’s confessor. The authorities expect him not only to heal people, and predict the future, but also to provide real help in maintaining Vladimir Putin’s power.

In April 2010, gray-haired, hunched elder Elijah met with his spiritual child Anatoly Brovko. They had both recently had some good changes in their lives. Elijah had just become schema-archimandrite of the Russian Orthodox Church. A few months earlier, Brovko had become Governor of the Volgograd Region.

How Russia interfered in elections in twenty countries

by Ilya Rozhdestvensky, Michael Rubin, Roman Badanin

Documents leaked from the office of Eugeny Prigozhin’s political consultants show Russia’s strategy for intervention in African politics — to incite anti-Western sentiment and revive old territorial disputes. Meanwhile, Russian expansion is hampered by three obstacles — unprofessionalism, corruption and alcohol.

The demonstrators silently carried posters demanding that Madagascar be liberated from French influence. About thirty people walked the streets of Antananarivo and stopped in front of the French Embassy. The rally would have ended in silence, if not for the initiative of a tall, well-built man. He began to chant demands, such as “Paris must return the Scattered Islands!” referring to the disputed territory in the Mozambique channel. The Islands are under French rule; Madagascar, which gained independence from Paris in 1960, does not formally make territorial claims, but the goal of transferring…

How Evgeny Prigozhin led the Russian offensive in Africa

by Ilya Rozhdestvensky, Roman Badanin

Since 2018, Russia has started active expansion in Africa, helping various countries on the continent, politically, financially and with military assistance. At the forefront of this expansion was the “Kremlin Chef”, a shady businessman named Evgenу Prigozhin, who fell under U.S. sanctions for his interference in the US presidential election. The Project tells how this campaign was organized, based on the example of Madagascar, where the Kremlin’s plans were especially large-scale.

African bots

On November 7 and 8, 2018, users of several dozen VK groups (Russian social media) observed an unusual thing. At about the same time…

American lobbyist Adam Waldman met with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska a few days before he visited Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, The Project discovered. Deripaska has been Waldman’s client since at least 2009. According to the FARA’s list, in 2017 and the first half of 2018, Waldman’s law firm received about $780,000 for representing Deripaska’s interests in the United States.

Adam Waldman on Linkedin

Assange met with Waldman, as well as with Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, The Guardian previously reported. The last meeting between Assange and Manafort, according to The Guardian, was in the spring of…

The portrait of Igor Putin, the president’s cousin, who figured out how to make money on the most famous last name in Russia

by Maria Zholobova, Roman Badanin, Natalia Telegina

The president’s cousin, Igor is an unloved relative of Vladimir Putin. But that never stopped him from selling his name as a talisman for questionable multi-million dollar projects. Igor Putin’s latest enterprise was the largest money-laundering scheme in Russian history.

This autumn of 2018, Boris Fomin, former head of the liquidated Promsberbank (PSB), sat in a prison cell near Moscow and wrote answers to The Project’s questions on a piece of paper. There were many questions, because a month earlier, Fomin was sentenced to six years in prison for stealing several billion rubles…

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