Adblock as a Tragedy of the Commons

When consumer attention, property rights, privacy rights, media ethics, and market misalignments collide, monopoly wins.

David Carroll
Sep 18, 2015 · 10 min read

The Tragedy

The Commons

Via @jason_kint on Twitter

The Industry’s Privacyware

Facebook’s interface to opt-out of ad targeting and tracking.
Facebook tries to expose the topics that constitute your interest profile and allows you to add and remove topics.
The Digital Ad Alliance’s AdChoices program for the US is inherently broken by requiring third-party cookies to be unblocked. This is what outright contempt for user experience looks like.
Ghostery’s Enterprise LiveScan product exposing the complex surveillance network of the adtech driving revenue for The Verge

Adtech, Paytech, Crowdfund, or Adblockchains?

Adblockers Sell, Articles Won’t?

Via @jason_kint on Twitter referencing Sourcepoint/comScore via Business Insider

Monopoly is the problem because it is the solution to the problem.



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