94/100 Inner Speech

Over the weekend I plotted three meditation schedules in La Union. I miraculously failed in all of three of them! Simply put, I ended up sleeping through.

Now why in the world was I meditating?

I recently learned about ‘inner speech’ — these voices in our head like the characters in the movie Inside Out. I experience them in a regular basis thinking I may be suffering from some kind of mental illness. At times, I shrug them off thinking it must be one of those human quirks. As it turns out, they’re normal and they help us deal with our dilemmas, fears, anxiety, and memory — all the things we want to forget and remember.

In an experiment in England where someone internally talking to his inner voices was brain-scanned, they found activities in the left hemisphere that is associated with language; and other parts that are associated with our interactions with people. This explains why they sometimes feel real. I’m not imagining things!

I think I might have gotten few in the ten minutes that I tried. With my unorthodox approach, I was quite able to focus my mind, speak to myself, and hear my own thoughts converse. I didn’t feel like I was doing it, it felt more like I was discovering it. It felt so full yet I didn’t utter a single word.

I may have essentially succeeded in my quiet little shenanigan — ooh ‘close your eyes’, ‘breathe deeply’, and all those shiz Google listed. To have acquired such focus in a short period of time was already a bliss. To have spoken a word, could have been the antithesis.

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