Introduction — Why Am I Here?

Since this is my first post, I suppose it would be a good idea to introduce myself. My name is Pouya Rad, and yes my last name really is “Rad”. I’m a sophomore at the Unversity of Portland, pursuing my undergraduate degree in computer science. What is to follow is a slew of “fun” facts about myself, so bear with me. Pizza is probably my favorite junk food to eat, along with gummy bears. I played piano for ten years, and absolutely hate it now. I probably pay too much for certain articles of clothing but looking fashionable is yet another one of my interests. Cars are something else I am enthusiastic about and driving is probably one of my favorite hobbies. Another is stamp collecting. Not actually, that’s one of my dad’s. Batman is the best superhero and my favorite. I enjoy being serenaded by artists such as Kanye West, Pink Floyd, Run the Jewels, Eminem, Sia, and my favorite group that happens to be based in Portland, Typhoon (I highly recommend you check them out). I have been keeping up with Game of Thrones and Westworld and am very excited for future seasons. Lastly, I have been doing martial arts for nearly 10 years and has been a huge part of my life, now more than ever. And of course, I enjoy watching movies but that goes without saying.

Welcome to my blog.

This evening, I was watching The Secret Life of Pets with my family and drinking some tea. I left at about twenty minutes into the movie when I stood up with my laptop and went upstairs, after abruptly deciding that this movie was not worth my time on this fine, snowy evening. As I went upstairs, I thought about movie critics and how great it would be to make a living by reviewing movies. And then I thought, “how the hell do you even become a movie critic, what major allows you to do that?”. Like many things these days, I feel, the answer does not lie in the education that one receives, rather the experience they have in doing a certain. This is the beginning of my experience in critiquing movies.

My interest in watching movies came from my father. He, too, is an avid movie watcher. This is evident by the four shelves of DVDs and Blu-Rays that are next to our TV downstairs and by the fact that each summer he makes me index every single movie we own with the title, director, actors, run time, and rating in a Word document. Regardless, his passion for movies has definitely influenced mine, resulting in a refined taste for movies.

If you’re an avid moviegoer like myself or if you just like watching movies from time to time, I hope that these film reviews are enjoyable or at least provide a glimpse as to how I think and what I think. I do have to say, however, there are times where I consider myself an elitist when it comes to movies and will almost always value quality over entertainment. Nevertheless, it will be a goal of mine to remain as impartial as possible. Cheers.