Professor Lyle
Oct 10, 2016 · 2 min read

Privilege, no matter what, must be an awesome experience.

President Barack Obama had to be “perfect;” a thoughtful and calculated Ivy League-educated speaker with conditional, bi-partisan plans of action, a near flawless record, scandal-less, and an epitome of (passive) respectability with an entire race on his shoulders — alongside the most courteous, pristine image of a supremely intelligent, fit, classy, respectful (first and only) wife as a cherry on top, in order to gain a nomination and ultimately access to The Whitest House. They appear vice-less. They can check off countless boxes of what’s possible as a human and still faced question of his humanity; his basic identity and citizenry.

Donald J. Trump lambasts, disrespects, and minimizes every. single. demographic besides White males: the disabled, Muslims, soldiers, Hispanics, women… He admitted to millions of people on national TV that he has used “legal” (questionably ethical) means to avoid paying federal taxes. He started in business with a multi-million dollar head start. His businesses have intentionally not paid their bills to contractors and vendors. His (third) wife has posed nude, has no degree, and blatantly plagiarized the sitting First Lady’s 2008 speech. His bold, careless, unconventional speech and confrontational attitude are often cheered, but also cited as pain points for his own party supporters. He has earned the public support of infamous KKK leaders and known racists without denouncement. He has offered minuscule detail on any policy he intends to pursue. His flimsy viewpoints and statements can change as the wind blows or be spun into flat out lies. He calls Hillary a liar, but sells his method of lying as “truthful hyperbole.” His hypocrisy is extraordinary. …he is defying all established logic and walking into the election for The Whitest House without breaking a sweat.

This #PresidentialElection is riddled with more holes than a screen door. Fact-checkers show time and time again that he’s a proven liar, but millions of Americans don’t care about his inability to articulate his plans, his habitual misdirection in answering questions, his tactless, horrendously unpresidential decorum, or his skirting the tax code We, the People, are required to pay into every year.

#WhitePrivilege is America’s greatest magic trick. It’s astounding.

Professor Lyle

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