This is how Snapchat will respond to Zuck & co.

Instagram’s addition of stories to their platform on August 2nd, 2016 sent a very strong message to Snapchat and dropped an atom bomb on social media world. Here is my prediction on how Snapchat will respond…

If you are not a digital storyteller, a social media marketer, someone who owns a smartphone, or just landed on the planet earth today, then you probably haven’t heard about the biggest news story to hit social media this year and maybe in the last several years.

Instagram just adopted a feature to their platform that allows their users to create video content entitled “stories” that disappears in 24 hours. It lacks the geofilters, stickers, and custom graphics that Snapchat envelopes but the message is clear:

Instagram: Dear Snapchat, we are taking your idea, putting a minor twist on it and taking you down my friend.

It was a bold move. An intelligent move.

And it’s working.

Now, I’m not here to judge, lord knows there are plenty of people turned off by the apparent theft, and I also am vehement that this does not spell the end for Snapchat.

Not even close.

And I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is sore from the buy out with Snapchat falling through.

If anything, Zuckerberg is a businessman and it makes good business sense to make this move.

I will admit that I had a strange feeling course through me when I first used the new feature. I love Snapchat, and use it almost everyday to tell my story. And I love Instagram and facebook, among other platforms. And I actually think this move by facebook and Insta is good for everybody.

Why this move helps everyone

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘competition creates innovation’, and I believe wholeheartedly that snapchat is going to respond and respond big.

They absolutely have to.

This move by Insta is no different than the move by facebook to institute their live streaming feature FacebookLive about 8 months ago in response to Periscope, Twitter live, among others.

And the result?

If you haven’t noticed, the next time you scroll through your facebook timeline see if you don’t notice a stark common denominator overrunning all other content you see.

Video, video, video!

It’s everywhere and live video, and live streaming in particular, is consuming most of the social media content out there.


Because it’s garnering the most viewer engagement. And nothing in the social media landscape survives without that above all.

One of the reasons that video became so dominant was because of Snapchat.

That’s their major feature that used to differentiate them from the other platforms.

The 24 hour disappearing act was another staple in its ability to distinguish itself.

Now, not so much.

One thing that other platforms incorporate to scale their reach that reflects a possible handicap for Snapchat is the opportunity to discover and follow other users.

In order to find other people on Snapchat or gain a following yourself you need to basically cross promote using your specific snap code. There is no inherent discover option.

This is going to be something they will need to address in order to sustain their growth. And this leads me to…

The prediction…

I predict, that Snapchat will introduce a live streaming feature that will incorporate accessibility and seamless discoverability all in one delicious package just in time for the Summer Olympics in Rio next week.

Yes, you heard it here first folks.

Think of a delicate mixture of Periscope and FacebookLive ala Snapchat style.

It’s going to be BIG!

I can see it now! Live streaming with your bitmoji and custom geofilters! Oh yeah!

And I think it’s going to revolutionize the app and finally give them the push they need to overtake the big dogs for top spot in social media. Yep, I said it.

If you paid attention at all during the political conventions that took place last month (I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t) you know that live streaming was on full display and won in a very big way.

Twitter live signing deals to stream NFL games this fall among other sporting events is another confirmation of the live streaming take over.

I wrote about this in a previous article entitled “Is Cable Dead?” whereby I cite the numerous analytics and trends favoring live streaming over other forms of content.

Mark my words folks, The year of Snap will turn into the hashtag #thesummerofsnap when they introduce their brand of live streaming and completely take over the worlds biggest sporting event next week in the Summer Games.

And we will all be streaming our Snaps alongside everyone else.

And we have Instagram and Mr. Zuckerberg to thank for it all.

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