#ProfessU Gives You The Other Side of Hip-Hop by Dr. John Hamilton

06 Jun 2016

Posted by ProfessU

Dr. John Hamilton

Dr. John Spruill III and I have been giving people around the world for almost five years. We have been able to interview and photograph some of the top hip-hop artists in the United States. We have attended some of the swankiest parties. However, we always knew that was not the purpose of ProfessU. We have taken selfies of with celebrities. Dr. Spruill and I have been in the studio with some of the best. We have always known this was not our purpose. The purpose of ProfessU is to give the other side of hip-hop.

When the world wanted to discuss the Troy Ave incident at the T.I. concert, Dr. Spruill and I were having conversations about how this incident is not the sum of hip-hop. The purpose of ProfessU is to discuss the controversial issues, but walk away with some solutions and/or food for thought to plant solution seeds.

ProfessU was created to tell and locate the stories the media does not want to discuss. Because in actuality, “if we knew better, we would do better.” We ask you to follow ProfessU and become a part of the movement to see the other side of hip-hop.

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Originally published at www.professu.com on June 6, 2016.

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