Thank you for taking the time to write that response Eugene, I enjoyed reading it and concur with…
Guise Bule

This can open up a whole new can of worms. If there was such a law teachers in schools and professors could all be accused of breaking this law. I learn a lot by reading Yahoo answers and lots of young people have these extremist points of view. They disbelieve in the Holocaust. They admire Hitler and think that the Allies were no worse than him. They think Jews did 9/11 that the moon landing never happened. A scary number of them believer in every conspiracy theory that is our there. And I don’t think they have to be brainwashed by an extremist group as these ideas are all over the Internet and they are n not confined to a particular country so you can stop it with laws. There are chat rooms like Paltalk which in the Social Problems section have rooms filled with every form of extremist from countries all over the world and there are also some very brilliant people who debate them but young people can easily all prey to extremist ideas and no laws can prevent it. The only thing that can prevent it is to educate them and that is not being done at all. Our education system in the public schools has been a failure for years now. That is where the real problem lies. All you ever hear is the connection between education and jobs not that we should create a society that is educated. The idea that we should only educate people to get a job and not to create a society of educated people is a dangerous extremist idea and yet you hear it constantly from the media and from politicians. In Islamic countries they have madrases where entire generations are taught to hate Jews and Infidels and as bad as that sounds we are not doing much better. I have a friend in Iran and he told me that the class in his daughter’s grade school stand up and chant “Death to America,” but his 9 year old daughter did not stand up and remained silent in her seat. We cannot improve our own education system unless the public is aware of the problem and from what you hear when people talk about education no one ever discusses the real problem we are not educating our children and what is happening politically and culturally is a direct result of that including more people turning towards extremist ideas.

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