Moving forward from the bottom
Sully Lockett

This has promise, Sully, but you’ve got a ways to go. What you have here, essentially, is a one-source story (with her mother thrown in now and again). It’s difficult to do this sort of story in retrospect. In other words, it would be much better to be writing about someone who is going through this experience now, so you can document what’s happening as it’s happening, write scenes and have access to the people around her (or him). In this case, you are having to go with Anna recounting her story. If you had other interviews (with the arresting officer, with people in her 12-Step program, etc.) it would add a lot. I like the way you use the audio clips. They are short and they punctuate and illustrate the story nicely. Great that we get to hear her voice. Not sure you need the timeline, though it could be effective if you had photos. So, a case of a good idea that would benefit mightily from more reporting. Clever use of audio.

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