What You Really Need To Know In Order To Increase Sales As An Internet Marketer

There are all of these strategies out here for internet marketing, Facebook ads and Instagram ads but not everyone is getting the same results.

Why is that?

Because they don’t understand concepts outside of how to set up an ad! That is what is holding them back and what I am here to help start teaching you today!

Likely, if you are reading this post, you are either struggling to get results on social media and through internet marketing or you feel like you are missing one piece of the puzzle after learning how to set up an ad!

Well, lucky for these groups of people and anyone else who might be reading this… I’m here to help YOU out!

This is a combination of the best of the best from the first two blog posts on the things they don’t teach you about internet marketing… So if you missed those, check them out as I go into more detail on each topic there!

Focus on Benefits While Selling

One of the most important things, right off the bat here, is to focus on the benefits and the problems you are solving for your ideal customer.

If you are not solving a problem or benefiting the customer in some way, then what is the point of your business?

The. bigger the problem you are solving, the more people will pay for it and the more people you will get to buy.

Many people just jump right into the business without sitting down and thinking about this, when that is actually the most important thing you should realize as it will help with your ads, your social media, your website, your blog, your landing pages and more… Just by knowing the problems you are solving!

If you are looking for a way to figure out these problems that you are solving, try this:

#1: Create a list of your ideal customer(s) and write them down in as much detail as you can.

#2: Create another list of these people’s 5 largest problems.

#3: Figure out how your product or service solves these 5 major problems in their life.

#4: Figure out how they would feel if they had these problems solved in their life.

#5: Use these emotions and the information to start making content, writing blogs, running ads, etc. You can use this stuff as the backbone to almost anything that you do!

Do The Unexpected to Get Attention

With so many people running ads and creating content now a days, you have to figure out how to stand out from the crowd and get the attention that is getting harder to get.. You can do that by focusing on doing the things that are most unexpected to your ideal customers.

When you do what is unexpected, it catches their attention and makes them stay to read or watch your content!

So, what exactly can you do to capture their attention? According to Billy Gene, there are three ways to do so that all work really well, trust me I tested them as well as many other people!

The first thing is changing your environment of your videos. Just go somewhere that other people don’t normally go. Walk outside to a park or cool scenery, go to the mall, do it in the shower (from the head up)… just figure out somewhere unique and go for it!

Just look at the famous “here in my garage video” where Tai Lopez simply went out to his garage and filmed the video with his iPhone!

The other way to do the unexpected is to use props! Use something crazy, like the environment thing, the more crazy the better!

That is why people use money guns and giant checks, they demand attention!

Finally, try adding music to your ads! This will mostly just work for videos for content as you ad will likely get taken down for copyright, but there is a way around this and a few websites I can share with you if you wanna shoot me an email — contact@profitingtools.com!

Using Scarcity.. The Right Way

Okay the next few are going to be short sections becasue they are pretty self explanatory, but just as important as the other two sections so stay listening!

​Scarcity, I’m sure you have heard how well it works and that you should use it on all of your pages.

“have a count down”

“say there are only a few left”

That is true… only kind of. Consumers have gotten smarter and they don’t have any reason to believe that there is only a few left, especially for a digital product, so wat do you do then?

Simple answer, tell them WHY it is scarce… can only a certain number of people know the strategy to make sure it works? Did you only print a certain number of copies?

Give them a reason to believe you, it will work much better!

Telling YOUR Story, A Relate-able One

Why do people buy the same things that their friends buy? Or why do they buy from people with large social media followings?

​Because people buy from who they trust. Build their trust and they will buy.

How do you do that though? Simple, tell YOUR STORY and make sure you emphasize the relate-able parts such as your favorite hobbies or why you started and what PROBLEMS YOU WERE FACING.

People relate really well to a good story with problems and situations they also face, so focus on those things and think about your ideal customer when telling your story.

Another thing that will build their trust is to give them a reason to buy your product. WHY should they buy from you and not someone else?

What do you do different or how do you solve their problems better?

Also, including testimonials is a great way to build trust… don’t have any customers for testimonials yet?

​Easy, do work for free until you have enough testimonials, it will help build your worth and your skills at the same time too!

Educate and Entertain

The two things that will bring people the most value through your content, educate them on a topic you are knowledgeable about or entertain them in some way, make them smile!

Break down any page’s content that you follow and realize that all of their content, if they have a large following, either educates people or entertains them in some way or another.

It is not rocket science! Just give them a reason to follow you!

Hey, quick thanks for all the support on the blog posts and look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

Thanks again,