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With ProfitTrading App now you don’t need to be an expert on crypto trading to make profits. You can now see what the most successful users are trading. You can check their bots and strategies, you can just watch them to learn or you can copy their bots if they fit you.

Just check the top users ranking:

Cryptocurrencies market is lastly changing its price very quickly. In some hours or even minutes, a coin price could get high or drop as fast as a lightning. That’s why is very important to be alert when this happens to take actions depending on the market change.

ProfitTrading App includes a great feature that will send a notification to your device whenever your trading order is filled, so you will take advantage from others placing your second order before the rest. Some seconds could mean a great gain or lose of money.

Let’s see how to get notified with the…

Although these are hard times for cryptocurrencies, we as traders can take advantage of quick and continuous fluctuation of Bitcoin price. Pay attention to the previous chart.

As seen in the chart we could have placed a BUY order for 3600 and a SELL order for 4000 several times. We can take advantage of that cycling prices with ProfitTrading App (available on GooglePlay). We can configure it to BUY and SELL pairs and repeat the operation continuously. Let’s see how to do it:

  1. Select USDT as market and and write BTC as coin. Then press ‘+’ button and add a…

Split sell orders is a great way of minimizing sell risk. Consists of splitting one sell order into several orders with different amounts and prices.

For example let’s say we have purchased 1000 units of a coin at 0,000020. We could sell that 1000 units at (for example) 0,000026. But imagine that the coin price reaches 0,000025 and then it falls down. Your sell order won’t be filled.

On the other hand we could make this sell configuration:

  1. Sell 300 units at 0,000024
  2. Sell 300 units at 0,000025
  3. Sell 400 units at 0,000026

In this case if the price reaches…

Trailing Stop orders are one of the most powerful type of orders in Profit Trading app. It can give you very good profits if the market goes with you. Let’s explain how does a Trailing Stop order work. There are two types, Trailing Stop Sell and Trailing Stop Buy, we will explain the first one (the second one works the same way but buying instead of selling).

There are three main concepts on Trailing Stop orders: ‘Trigger Price’, ‘Trailing’ and ‘Stop Offset’. The first one indicates the price (also called rate), that you want the order to start. Once the…

ProfitTrading App for Binance screenshot

Check how to make profits easily with ProfitTrading bot and your favorite Telegram/Discord signal group. There are many different possible configurations but this is one of the most used. This example is based on Binance app, but is valid for every ProfitTrading apps, Bittrex, Huobi, Cryptopia, Coinbase, Kraken, Bithumb, etc. You can download them all on GooglePlay.

Get the coin signal from a Telegram/Discord group

Choose a Telegram/Discord that provides good crypto signals. There are plenty of them, some of them are free and some other are premium with a monthly fee. …

ProfitTrading App

Trade smarter at your favorite crypto exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, HitBTC, Poloniex, Huobi, Cryptopia and more —

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