[Reminder] Don’t forget to breathe this week.
Steve Oh

The importance of this seemingly simple advice cannot be stressed enough. While it is comforting and easy to take breathing for granted, like so many things in contemporary life, even the rudimentary task of taking a breath has become complicated. What do you mean, I need to learn to breathe? I do it automatically. Yes, you do, and that’s the problem. The pace and stresses of our everyday life have led to a world where too many of us are relegated to the starved existence of being mere mouth breathers — too tense and hurried to actually allow ourselves to bathe in the nourishment of a full deep breath. You don’t need drugs, or fancy techniques. You just need to sit still, breathe deeply through your nose and watch your stomach rise. If you can do that on a regular basis, for even brief periods, you will add years to your life and stress will melt away.

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