International Worker’s Day

Commemorating the work that has been done for labor rights, fighting for the rights of all.

Hi everyone! It’s International Worker’s Day! Let’s pause and remember all the amazing work of labor activists, organizers, and revolutionaries that brought us where we are now. With that, we’re excited to continue focusing on issues, and empowering the grassroots through technology. Let’s get started with a dose of issues we can have great impact on.

Un Día Sin Inmigrantes

Today, we celebrate and show solidarity to laborers who’ve left their home countries in search for better opportunities. Our friends at Movimiento Cosecha is live at for the Un Día Sin Inmigrantes (A day without immigrants) — a strike for dignity, respect, and permanent protection. Join the immigration channel to start a conversation, and find out how you can help the fight for immigrant rights. Good luck to our friends Arielle and Henry!


After a lot of conversations and discussions with healthcare organizations who are working towards a single-payer universal healthcare system, we now have compiled and synthesized ways technologists can do to bring universal health care to reality! ProgCode as a community is non-partisan, issue-based, and are fighting for progressive issues, and with that we are focused on empowering the grassroots through open-source/lowcost technologies.

Join the conversation at the Universal Healthcare channel. Please feel free to help us improve the synthesis document.

Net Neutrality

Last week, we asked you to add on and collaborate on a collective statement on #net-neutrality. The document is looking really great so far and would love to have your take on it as well. Help improve the document by going to this link. We moved the release to Monday 3pm EST to get everyone’s inputs as well. Thanks so much to all who have contributed in the net-neutrality channel!


#operations ❤

Tonight at 8pm EST is our weekly operations call, we are going to focus on strategies we can do as a network to be a sustainable network and amplify your amazing works! Join us then with this link.


We’re developing the ProgCode roadmap, defining the primary solutions and issues on which we’ll be focusing. Please check out and contribute directly to the document /github.

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