Wedding Celebrations!

We wish our great friend, David & Lena. Best wishes!

Today, we are calling everyone to gather round and send our well wishes and congratulations to David Mahler who’s getting married tomorrow to the amazing amazing Lena! Your ProgCode family is so excited for you two and we’ll always be here to support you!

Dave is an integral part of the DNA of what ProgCode is today. He drove the push and discussions on having a solid Decision Making process, streamlined #operations with Airtable, introduced tons of folks to the ProgCode culture with the Wednesday morning onboarding sessions, is an amazing amazing adviser to a lot of the projects in this beautiful community, and so much more! We are humbled and grateful to have known you, and we could not be happier that you’re getting married!

Our message!


Please join the discussion to determine #net-neutrality use cases for Maps For Change (in less than 5 minutes)!!!


Please join us for our weekly meeting for at 4:00 PM EST today!!!

Please welcome to Oren to the community! His progressive Tech Meetup of ~150 San Diego area Devs & Activists is interested in partnering with ProgCode. Check it out!