Spring Lawn Care Tips

Timothy Devries
May 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Spring is, for most people, the favorite time of year. It is the time when everything in the garden starts to ‘spring’ back to life. This is turn makes you spring back into the good things of life and you can feel summer is coming up quickly.

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If you want to make the most out of your garden in spring and summer, you can’t start early enough working in your garden. it is time to get out of hibernation and into gear! There are plenty of chores to take care of if you want to make the most out of this season.

The lawn is undeniably one of the most important assets of most gardens. Without a green, lush lawn, it is hard to really have a beatiful garden. That is why it is so important to take care of your lawn to your best abilities.

Luckily taking care of a lawn is not an overly complicated task. I will lay out the 4 most important lawn care chores you can get yourself busy with this spring.

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1. mowing

Before you fire up that mower, take a moment to look underneath the mowing deck to see of the blades are still sharp. They don’t have to be so sharp they cut your finger upon touch, but they should be somewhat sharp and in general good shape. You can either sharpen your lawn mower blade yourself or bring it to a professional to do the job for you.

One mowing tip that is valid all year round is to not cut the grass too short. It might seem that it’ll save you time by not having to mow as often, but in actual fact it damages the lawn. You don’t expect a tree to flourish when you got off all the branches either, right?

However in early spring you can set the mower one setting lower than you normally would. This allows the spring sun to come down deeper into your lawn and onto the soil, which will promote new growth.

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2. Watering the lawn

It might not seem necessary in spring to water the lawn. However it can be deceptively dry in spring, and while it isn’t too hot yet, the soil can still dry out. If your lawn dries out in early spring, it’s not exactly off to a great start of the season. Make sure to water if it hasn’t rained for a week, and check over your irrigation system if you have that luxury, to make sure everything is set up for the new season.

3. Overseeding

If your lawn suffers some bald spots from leaf pile-ups or snow for example, overseeding is a good way to get those spots looking lush again. Simply spread some new grass seed onto the bald spots and see it germinate. Make sure that you buy the same type of grass seed as the rest of your lawn! And, again, water plenty.

4. Fertilizing

Spring is the perfect time to apply fertilizer as your lawn will benefit from it all season long. It is certainly possible to have a great looking lawn without the use of fertilizer, but it just makes things a whole lot quicker and better looking.

Do not apply the fertilizer too early in the season. Wait until the grass is visibly growing, or for example after your second mow of the season. At this time you can be sure the roots will absorb the fertilizer and put it to work. Making sure the fertilizer gets plenty of moisture will further increase the effectiveness of the product.

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