American Reigns Supreme, Leading Global Culture

The rest of the world thinks that we are deluding ourselves with the notion that everybody wants we …had.

Other countries mimic American culture.

Granted the entertainment industry is larger and more lucrative in the Unites States, yet if we take a glance at the aspect of quality there is a case that the industry throws a lot of money away.

  • Automobiles, largely gone.
  • Manufacturing, dwindling.
  • Degraded service across the board.

There are countries who are willing to toss us anything that we’ll buy, to sell at a high mark-up.

Where is the United States dominant?

  • Arms sales (legally or not)
  • Pharmaceuticals, due to high use and high revenue

R&D and venture capital are inching higher to regain a fraction of the strength that they had had at the end of the 20th century.

The approach of chasing profit has not contributed to fresh ideas.

So much of American culture revolves around market activity, beyond that largely due to Internet adoption, many first/second world countries have their own cultures and styles that they are modernizing/energizing. or rekindling.

IF you were thinking computers or gaming, my impression is that Asia …Japan, Korea, China are leading, the US is innovated on their original thoughts.

For instance, even in the film industry, many plots are re-makes or adaptations on foreign films.

“Make my day.”

We may still be coveting each others tennis shoes, parroting reality tv or pretending to be film characters, it is not true for the rest of the work.

There is greater awareness of parallel activity and interests, yet many countries are now our peers or in some cases leaders that we are attempting to competing with (I prefer not to think of it as against …it is a challenge, not a fight) to gain strength.