Dems Must Leverage Insider Clout to Influence the Party toward Progress Platform

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Age is not an issue. People are thinking with their 1940s brains instead of in the reality of the 21st century… He is only mid70s: seems in good health AND MENTALLY SOUND, unlike some people … We need to STAY IN THE PRESENT and stop analysing the ‘loss’ in 2016. Focus on the gerrymandering and voter suppression.

I would think that Sanders could be a formidable president, if balanced with a foreign policy-experienced vice-president. One out-of-the-box idea would be Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, as a vice-president who could back-up the position in the event that Sanders health would betray his passion.

Why her?

She rallied her whole family to support Obama: she was at his side at every step and supports him unwaveringly as well as having a rebel streak that goes unnoticed.

Did you notice all of the photos with them together?

Respected in Japan, Asia as an ambassador. Lawyer. Author. Insider extraodinaire. Why not start off the female presidential presence in America with a legacy (and closure in a way or kindling in another to the Camelot mystique), as a succession plan? That leaves Kamala and Warren in Congress for a bit to help all of the new people who the Justice Dems and OurRev want to bring in: it is a stability in a time of extreme change, long-term play.

The is a subliminal impact to juxtaposing the unfamiliar with the ever-present.

I would wager that JusticeDems look at her on the surface and dismiss the likelihood that she would support them in their quest to move the Democrats away for BIG BUSINESS funding. They should think again, not writing her off as a privileged ‘rich girl’.

Don’t worry, no one else would come up with this as an idea. By the way, even with being from the most prominent Roman Catholic family in America: she marry a Jew as did several of her cousins. Carolinewas the first.

The other reason, I promised not to side-step puritan provincialism and legacy-thinking, is that there are some who have an undercurrent of distrust toward Bernie Sanders, not for his politics, instead for his heritage: call it whatever it is aside from obtuse, in my opinion. Bernie is Jewish. He would be the first Jewish president which would be another American first. These people think that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud, and Mossad are to Judaism the same authority as the Pope and the Vatican for Roman Catholicism. It is out there (on the Internet and in the Protestant churches, maybe even Midwestern Catholics who are trending toward being overshadowed and influenced by the overzealous evangelism that is plaguing American culture and politics) that Bernie Sanders cannot be trusted: still wary of Jewish influence in American political affairs and business. They might talk radical, socialist, independent, etc.: this challenging his loyalty (just like President Obama for his brush with Islam, presumed to be his actual leaning, even to his day). People with this in their heads are united across ‘identity’ lines: in this instance, the Christian Right includes many African-American who espouse the same religious fervour against Jews despite the positive influence of the American Muslim community in terms of education, working against drugs, and raising community-minded children. Some of them are in the silent majority of the African-American community that is traditionally and steadfastly conservative.

People are so ‘retro’ with this label and demon-ize approach to galvanizing opinion. ‘The Establishment’ was back in the 60s/70s. The ‘Deal’ talk was way back. ‘Corporate’ or business-sourced funding has been forever the case. Now, what we are (or, should be) pitching is the Paradigm Shift that should have occurred around the turn of this 21st century: we, the Nation, were distracted by the internal security crisis (9/11). The old paradigm was funding from wealth and industry …yes, with an obvious risk of influence and corruption. The new paradigm should be an engaged citizenry, empowered with education, confident with self beyond rule and coercion from social institutions, namely church, education, government, and family.

WHAT IF the hesitation to ditch funding from wealth, BIG BUSINESS comes from genuine concerns:

1 — Awareness of significant base being elderly and still relying on television as their primary information source.

2 — The ‘Baby Boomer’ card and their likelihood to be influence by print media and television as well.

3 — Lack of confidence with social technology. These slow to change politicians are slow, not because they like being corrupt (as is suggested often), they are stuck in their ways of succeeding. Guide them toward success and show them that it can work.

Personally, as a nonpartisan encouraging participatory democracy, I would ditch party politics altogether, no-party democracy is possible. We have the technology (when it is not sabotaged intentionally), to have plebiscites that could replace or supplement representative government effectively. Yet, people are accustomed to being represented in government. It is familiar; no one can claim that is is effective at this point. Familiarity substitutes for competency too often. Bernie Sanders has engaged and motivated many people, a good step in the right direction.

Final note: Democratic Party is like any other organization: sustainability should be its primary operating concern. However, tradition and status quo are not sustainable; neither is lack of awareness of when to change. The Party has been too tactical, reacting and competing with Republicans which has caused them to stagnate.

Follow-up (to the morning rant, I only remembered writing a few sentences: Summary …what JusticeDems, OurRevolution, TheResistance, and even the Democratic Party are after is to shepard in a Paradigm Shift that is long overdue, challenging, a little frightening, yet INEVITABLE. Think back (it will be a stretch for people who think Star Trek is about aliens …LOL).

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