U.S. Aid and Arms to Israel

Pro-Israel or Pro-Zionist? You Decide

The United States is pro-Israel for the reasons stated along with several other reasons that are somewhat nefarious I will share towards the end.

Quora Post with Other thoughts on U.S. Support to Israel

However, pro-Israel and pro-Zionist should be considered as separate political and economic (as well as religious) concerns.

Yes, most Americans support Israel because, we as a nation, have a significant Jewish population and affiliation with Judaism as Christians, Jews and a desire to think of the Holy Land as stable and in good hands, as it were. These are pro-Israel interests.

Jebreal is Palestinian, Israeli and Italian Citizen lives in the United States

Should the United States continue its support toward Netanyahu’s government when Israelis have shown increasing disaffection?

The move was a concession to right-wing Orthodox politicians in the country’s governing coalition, but has caused a schism with Jewish communities outside of Israel, particularly in the U.S.
It also comes as journalists, human rights groups and artists in Israel have come under fire from Netanyahu’s government for their opposition to its policies. In recent years, the prime minister has increasingly tried to pressure human rights groups critical of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.
“What the government is doing is not only weakening Israel internally, but also weakening Israel with its relationship with the world, with the world of democracies,” said Mordechai Kremnitzer, vice president of the Israel Democracy Institute.

Pro-Zionist, on the other hand, may or may not be …wise, advantageous, or even acceptable by some Jews.

Economic Uncertainty backstage to Israeli Role in Arab-Jewish Conflict

Regional tensions persist: we all know that.

However, Many Jews and Israelis think that the United States is a foreign third-party voice that exacerbates the already complex situation; and therefore, should stay out of it.

Moreover, there are a significant number of Jews who equate the State of Israel with the ‘Golden Calf’ in that it artificially created a presence in the Holy Land that should have been produced by G-d only; and therefore, the artificial State of Israel hold the Jews back from the promise of, I think reinstatement is the term. This I take to be a valid position on the matter because I have heard it from Jews in the Diaspora, Israeli Jews and Rabbis as well as reading this website that I was pointed to: Neturei Karta.

You should be aware that, as is typical in efforts to dissuade people from interest in a group’s point of view, Neturei Karta is often labelled as an insignificant ‘sect’ in Judaism. However, the Zionist action of taking and keeping Palestine through force does appear not to be in sync, by all accounts, with what was traditionally thought to be and intervention from G-d. My reference is for thoroughness only.

This happened yesterday, 26 June 2017:

Naturei Karta Rally

So, along with ‘location, location, location’ and ‘enemy of my enemy’ is my friend …the shale oil find now …and, unfortunately the evangelicals interest is ridding the ..I think the Planet (if not just the Holy Land), of Islam/Muslims, spiritually, The State of Israel is an albatross around the necks of the Jewish people, so say.

Furthermore, some of the Jews and sabras do not like the way the Israeli government uses the funds from the United States, 2 Billion annually … corrected

“3.8 Billion annually with another 5 Billion pledged in 2016 “for the largest bilateral military aid package ever and includes $5 billion for missile defense, additional F-35 joint strike fighters and increased mobility for its ground forces.”)”

Summary: U.S. Aid to Israel

I think to make war with whomever, rather than stimulating the Israeli economy, building more residential space, etc. At the same time as the Occupy Wall Street Movement started up in the States, Israel had protects for ‘social justice’ to treat the aforementioned problems (to say nothing of the Ethiopian Jews an others who have poured in without adequate living space or jobs for them either. These Israeli residents are tired of the constant war being to focus rather that supporting citizens for much-needed social programs …sounds familiar. These protests and the quelling by the government were barely covered, in the States by the cable news networks.

I read Haaretz daily: A short guide to Israel’s social protest

Israeli who started the protest:

Arab Spring: 2010–2013

Furthermore, (I am not getting off track), during one quite memorable discussion on the Middle East with a Jewish friend from Morocco, the Saudi students chimed in and said that the United States makes the complexity even harder to address because too many people are involved and they do not was arms sold to their country either.

Therefore, despite my ‘learning’ on these matters, I have been trained and pretty much convinced that it is okay for the United States to participate as mediator, if asked; however, for the most part: “Let the locals in the Region settle it.”

Still, I have Palestinians friends as well who would prefer to have the United States and others involved because the conflict resolution between these two diametrically opposed sides often viewed as hostile (or, at least insincere) on fairness toward Palestinian presence and well-being.

Lastly, the three unmentionables, proximity to our oil interests for energy, the Holy Land, if ever vacated might be up for grabs, and finally perhaps the Christian Evangelicals and those who act in zealotry or hold extremist views from any anti-Islam faiths can use the Israelis to get rid of the Muslims and then get rid of or covert the Israelis: they call it their ‘belief’ on the righteousness of the Israeli cause for ultimate Christian rule in Palestine.

[I am not kidding or making this up: I have heard it from concerned parties over a 25-year period.]

The better stance, though oddly not particularly ‘Christian’ is that Jews are better than Muslims because the Judeo-Christians have the same G-d: not Mohammed. The irony being that the Islam statement is:

“There is no G-d, but G-d: and Mohammed is his Prophet.”

In other words, all three religions are about G-d, the same one …

There’s a headline …

Wherein you see that the motivations for support to Israel are:

  • Self-interest
  • Money
  • Religion

along with supporting our affiliation with the Jewish Homeland of the estimated 5.3 million Jewish citizens.

Follow-up in special tv series covering all topics:

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