What Did Trump Do with the Russians?

Malfeasance compared to criminal intent

Yes, it is confusing …please read my previous Quora post

Toren Freyr’s answer to Are you having trouble keeping up with the alleged Trump-Russian connection investigations? What do you think will be the likely outcome(s)?

I suggested that knowing, working, and dealing with Russians should not be a surprise for someone in the New York Real Estate world.

Malevolent Efforts are Thought to be at work in Multiple Countries

However, there are these remaining questions …just questions, so far

Whether someone operating within the Trump campaign made any forward-looking ‘promises’ to Russian officials? For foreign policy or whatever…

Whether Trump himself was involved with any self-interest supported by, led-by or suggested from the Russians? The ‘such-as’ seems to be undermining the Clinton campaign …

Or, whether the Russians …whoever they might be had had dealings with Trump in the past that leave him vulnerable to intimidation to keep something in his past quiet.

Whether the investigation that had surveillance on Trump Tower had anything to do with the Trump campaign or Trump himself … [I think that the answer on this question was that the surveillance was on someone residing on the Trump property: nothing to do with the election, the campaign, or Trump himself.]

Lastly, whether any of the alleged ‘shady dealings’ involved destabilizing the American government in favour of future profits, of some kind.

The investigation is very broad (or, it should be).

IF any of it might be valid, you can see the reason for the interest in the Trump tax returns …although (and not being unkind or supportive of any conspiracy) the size of Trumps deals could leave him quite vulnerable, especially if hidden money or tax evasion, etc. could be involved.

That’s kind of where we are … and perhaps the reason that business moguls seldom get so close to politics.


Keep in mind that the investigation in the States is in the forefront while the deaths, assassinations that had happened elsewhere to Russians are in the background.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara

Assassination in an art gallery: An ambassador’s murder may push Russia and Turkey together | The Economist

Getting into bed with a bear: Turkey’s snuggling up to Russia is likely to hurt it | The Economist

There have been 7–9 Russian officials …who have died rather suddenly.

On other words, we don’t know what is going on for sure and it is in our interest to find out.

In the end, it might have nothing to do with Trump and any of his activities, versus someone in proximity to Trump that perhaps stayed at one of his properties or was involved in one of his business deals or with someone else who was involved with him.