How are you?

Friend, pessimism is the most appropriate word.
I do not know you in your countries, I joined the extreme right, crazy in social networks, the rest alienated in their shells and the other lost.

Everything goes to the private: retirement, health, salary base for the elderly in extreme poverty (we have many) is $ 136.00, etc.

Our farm minister is based at the University of Chicago, I do not know, I’m not an economist. I pray that these economists are wrong.

It turns out that some plant lunatic may say that I am “communist, red, PT (worker’s party).

Friend, the reality of my country is different, we have many poor and also many riches, being at this point what the foreign investor does not like is precisely the rights of the employees.

The madness is so great that there was military dictatorship in 60,70 and 80, with thousands of people tortured and missing.

And now everyone thinks it’s normal.

It is.