It was not quite as he had imagined (1)

As always the curiosity of the youth I bought a microcomputer TK 82 C (Sinclar), Basic interpreter with 16k of RAM, recording of data in tape cassette and the monitor a TV.

Programs in Basic and difficult recording of files and / or data on the tape player. At the time the control of the recordings was made by the tape counter where you wrote down on paper or by the noise of beginning and ending. (Detail already had a hearing difficulty)

Thinking about money to play my next venture (set up small sound team — 2 players, 6 boxes, lights, etc.)

I put an idea on the improvisation on a sheet of paper and showed the financier “Father”. I bought an elgin printer with 80 character printing per second and do mailing.

Yes, with all the equipment I paid the investor and I set up a sound team that later helped my next venture a new MSX computer with a floppy disk and a 10 mb HD.
I see today that the idea was to generate money for the next investment, be it personal or a new venture.
This is cool.
Technological limitation was no obstacle.
And today, what’s your idea?

With so many resources / ideas, the tip is to not waste time.

In this technological evolution I was fortunate to participate.

This is for the next story