Update “TERANova”

Yuriy Ivanov
Apr 4, 2019 · 2 min read

On April 5, it is planned to update the TERA blockchain network

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The update will be deployed in three steps:

  1. The first part is aimed at a quick start. This will allow you to work with the blockchain almost immediately after installing the wallet — by downloading the chains from the end. The technology works as follows: depending on the given level of trust in the blockchain, the program searches the network for a suitable table containing the state of the blockchain on a certain date. After the status table is loaded, the remaining blocks required to update the blockchain to the current date are loaded. If DApps require information about blocks that are not in the database, they are dynamically and transparently loaded from the network for the user.
  2. The second step is to limit the size of the user’s disk. The technology will work through DHT (Distributed Hash Table) principle of block storage.
  3. In the third step, we will add the network KEY/VALUE-storage available from DApp

The development of the second and third steps will begin after the implementation of the first

Step 1. Quick start of the blockchain through controlled trust to the network

In the network will store several tables of States, scattered over different periods, the approximate position from the end of the chain:

  • 8 000 blocks
  • 40 000 blocks
  • 3 000 000 blocks

The period is calculated dynamically, all the positions of the slices at the current time can be determined through the console by running the command: GetCurrentRestArr()

This function is predefined and shows the same values for all nodes in the network. Given this fact, all nodes simultaneously maintain the relevance of this information in their databases, if the table has become irrelevant, it is replaced by a new one (its number is calculated by the same function), i.e. the tables are drifting in time.

If you want to be more involved, join our Discord channel where we discuss all technical and non-technical aspects of TERA:

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