On Bodily Autonomy (Repeal The Eighth)

I have a common blood type, O positive. When I found this out I was a bit sad because I wanted to be more special than that, but the more common your blood type, the more people you can donate to (and the more people need your blood). Next week I'll donate some, not because I am required to or because there is some sort of legal incentive for doing so, but because I want to and I feel it's right.

Bodily autonomy is like this: even if my blood type were very rare, or if I was a viable donor for the most important person in the world, I could not be forced to donate blood to someone else, even if by not doing so they would die. Even though I could do it in ten minutes and then be done with it. Yet that is not even a drop in the ocean compared to what we demand people with uteri do in this country. Donate their bodies. Give up their personhood (even if 'only' for the term of the pregnancy - nine long, maybe painful months). We turn them from people who are valued themselves into incubators whose only value is the life in potentia growing (or perhaps, tragically dying) inside them.

Nobody is out there getting abortions for fun. Read the accounts of it and see that it's still a tough process. It is a serious decision and people should have the freedom to make it.

Stop turning them into criminals. Stop judging them for wanting to keep their lives the way they are, or just because they're not ready. When you care more about bundles of cells than living, breathing, suffering people, you need to reexamine your priorities.

Repeal the Eighth.