My beginning years…

A lot of my peers that I work with on a daily basis usually ask me the common question “How did you get started?”. I have yet to answer that myself really but today I’m going to try and explain it.

Way back around the age of 9 I had a keen interest in computers which I assumed came from my years of tinkering with electrical circuits. I spent many hours on my computer, mainly just playing games and having a ball, however I started to become interested in technical aspects of computers and I came across web design.

When I was introduced to web design I was absolutely fascinated, the fact that you could write code and it would turn into something cool was awesome, totally freaking awesome. At some point, I came to know what my passion was; web design and programming. Two things that I continue to do to this day.

I proceeded to try and learn some web design myself, I hooked myself up with Code Academy, which unfortunately didn’t help me at all and it’s not because they’re bad but because I wasn’t interested in their learning techniques. I learn best by example, so I decided to take it upon myself and look at other websites. I observed things like how they were built, how this did so and so, and so forth.

I became very savvy with a lot of the terminology, but I still was lacking in the logical department, I still had very little knowledge on how to make an actual web page. After observing more and more websites my excitement for web development continued to sky rocket, at which point during one night I had made a decision. I was going to learn. No matter what.

And so it went, I spent many sleepless nights on Sublime Text writing invalid HTML and CSS, but hey, at least I was learning something. Right?

Right. I was learning, that’s what was important. I started to become comfortable with making websites. At some point along the line I ran into a few people who continue to influence me today. These people essentially introduced me to many more parts of web development, things like dynamic and static websites, working with databases, security and much more.

Getting introduced to this stuff was like a god-send because I was able to be exposed to new things, things that actually interested me and so I continued down my same path. Learn, learn, learn and keep learning.

Now I’ve gotten way farther into this infinite path, and I’m here now. So in conclusion, I got started by having many sleepless nights and an epiphany one night.

Note to readers…

Thanks for reading, I wrote this on account of some questions I received and I figured why not write a bit about it. Oh, right I should also mention, leave some feedback in the comments, I’m new to Medium and blogging in general so I’d love to get some tips on what I can do to improve my articles. Have a wonderful day!