A girl who can bring a smile on the face of the world!

Outside the realm of your family you might easily find people who take the spot of mentors, supporters or advisers in your life but its quite a different ball game when it comes to people you can completely let into yourself knowing that you wont be judged at all.

Energetic, bubbly, friendly and most importantly understanding is what I observed about Harleen Kapoor when I first met her on March 29th 2016 at the HelloMeets office as I asked her to review my freshly knit blog. She is a typical punjabi girl that makes me nostalgic about all of my Punjabi friends from school as she is bold, unafraid to tell the truth and fearless about the worst case scenario. Do not take lightly the happy-go-lucky attitude as she is a very mature and developed personality inside hinted to me by the fact that she juggles between college, an internship at HelloMeets and tuitions after that for school students gracefully. A Bollywood fanatic, she isn’t shy to shake a leg for college fests and other group dance shows. A pro-active kid since childhood she got herself enrolled into every extra-curricular activity and shone brightly at each of them too. Ask her about her ambitions in life and she will tell you that she wants to own a food truck (Yes just like that in the movie Chef) go on a life-long road trip all over the country and meet new people from all diversities of life. Every workplace, friend circle and family in the world can benefit from a Harleen in it because she can bring a smile on anyone’s face. From the bottom of my heart I see Harleen as a friend who I can share my deepest secrets and problems with and know that she will listen, understand and help with a good heart. I know this for a fact not just because of how she treats people around her but because it is a part of her aura which you will strongly feel if you meet her.