To blog or not to blog

I guess it’s just who I am

Here’s the thing: I really struggled with my decision to make a blog. I heard about a hundred times it’s the first thing a junior dev should do. But let’s be honest: who needs the 101th newbie blog about the same stuff? I didn’t feel like I could contribute something new or meaningful.

Also, I’ve very little time left for things like that. With working, learning, living a life — you know the drill. To make matters worse, I’m kind of a perfectionist. Not the: “Woe me, my biggest weakness is strength!” kind.
The annoying kind who’s like: “I never ever in my life played squash so I should be able to win my first play in a perfect manner. Everything less is a big failure!”. That’s something that doesn’t work well with “doing something new” and “little time”.

After really constructive feedback on Twitter about my “To blog or not to blog” question, I made a plan:

I’ll write really short articles — more like notes — about things I learned or things I liked about coding. Just snippets about my day to day coding life, you know. It doesn’t matter if I’m not re-inventing the wheel right now. It helps me to learn, because writing about code is something different than writing code. It will be fun and I, for one, like to read things from other newbies. :)

My first try… let’s say it went really well. Not. Remember the perfectionist part? Yeah. Obviously I’m that kind of a perfectionist: “I’ll write a really short note on medium about my Bootstrap 4 adventures with Brunch… and how I got it running… and how I set up my structure… oh look, I barley worked a few hours on the text, so just a bit of proofreading, rewriting and then I’ll set up a github page as example…” You get the gist.


Things I learned today

  • I’ll have to work harder on the perfectionist stuff. I have to become the perfect imperfectionist… wait.

OK. I just have to work really hard on it. Tipps are appreciated. You can write me on Twitter — #howToGetLessPerfectionisticInAPerfectWay sounds like the right hashtag I guess.

In the meantime, I’ll complete my “short note” on my Bootstrap 4 and Brunch adventures. Stay tuned. By now it should be only be a matter of days…

Frontend Developer with a special love for JavaScript and Unit Testing. Passionated about communities.

Frontend Developer with a special love for JavaScript and Unit Testing. Passionated about communities.