CoinMarketApp — What’s new in Portfolio (v4.32)

So far

As most of you know by now, the Portfolio feature was released a while ago on Android. As with any new feature, we came across some bugs but we were able to identify them (with your help) and resolve them along the way.

The functionality of the initial version was pretty common and simple.

You first select a coin from the list of available coins 👇🏼

Select a coin.

Then you proceed by completing all the necessary details like trading pair, Exchange you used, the price you bought in (per coin or in total), the amount of coins and lastly the date. As shown 👇🏼

Add new transaction

While all this was working fine, the majority of the feedback we received was telling us to add a sell function instead of just buying and then updating if needed, and so we did. 😎

With the new update:

On our latest update (v4.32) we have added a SELL option! If you see the screenshot below, you can notice that now you can select whether you are buying or selling.

Buy or sell

Transactions that are registered as “SOLD” will be deducted from the total amount of earning for that specific group 👇🏼

Overview for a specific coin

Final thoughts

Let us know whether you like the new update of Portfolio or anything else you would like to see next!

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