How Not To be a Cowboy in Life 

The Dallas Cowboys continue to be a mediocre team but you don’t have to be 

Jan 1, 2014 · 3 min read

For the past few years, I have found myself at this point of the year writing some depressing post about how my Dallas Cowboys have dropped the ball year after year.

For me December has been less of a great month and instead one that I have dreaded because my team just can’t get it together. Whether it’s Tony Romo or Quincy Carter or Kyle Orton or Drew Bledsoe, it always seems to be the same old story.

This is probably Jerry Jones after a loss. Courtesy .

Our team has continued to reek of mediocrity and the worse thing is that our “leader”—Jerry Jones; Owner, CEO, GM, Ball Boy, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, Defensive End, Quarterback…you get the point—love to use a phrase called “Moral Victories.”

I’m all for being an optimist but there’s a quote that says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” If things aren't going well, change them.

The Cowboys have been close to a .500 team for a decade and the only constant is the Owner/GM/Head Coach…you get the point.


Stop doing the same stuff expecting a different result. If you are failing at something, stop quitting. If you keep attracting bad relationships, stop looking for love in a bar. Go to a bookstore (if they exist any more). If all your clients are headaches, set better expectations and communicate better.

As my boss used to say, “Control what you can control” and often that is you and your perspective.

If you want to win in the NFL or in life and you look at the past decade and you haven’t been able to be more than mediocre, stop it. Just stop doing what is making you mediocre. Stop hiring “Yes Men” that tell you what you want to hear. Do whatever you have to do to “win.”

Stop being okay with “Moral Victories.” Be positive but if things aren’t going right, take action don’t be okay with mediocrity.

For the record, I am and always will be a Cowboys fan but it’s just insane to see the same soap opera every Sunday. As successful as Jerry has been in business I bet if he was making just enough to be successful in his companies he wouldn't continue to celebrate moral victories.

So the “Moral Victory” of this post is to stop being insane. If you’re not where you want to be, wake up earlier. Trust. Work harder. Stop Quitting. Do whatever it is that will change what you are unhappy with in your life.


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