EKU announces newest Board of Regents member

By Collin Overton

Laura Babbage (Photo courtesy of EKU Communications and Brand Management)

Laura Babbage, a 1981 EKU graduate, was named the newest member of the Board of Regents by Gov. Matt Bevin, according to an EKU press release on Friday, March 2.

“EKU instilled in me many of the work values I still hold today,” Babbage said. “I value the nurturing culture that EKU provides to first-time college students, as well as students who come to college later in life. It will be an honor to serve on the board at an institution that continues to strongly support students and those values.”

After getting her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Eastern, Babbage earned a master’s in international business from the University of Kentucky and a master’s in divinity from Lexington Theological Seminary.

Babbage has served as a founding member of the Business Advisory Council in the EKU College of Business and Technology since 1994. She is known around Lexington for her volunteer work and for serving on numerous boards and committees, including stints as chief executive officer for Urgent Treatment Centers of Kentucky Inc., regional vice president for Women’s Health Partners Inc. and as a chaplain for St. Joseph Hospital and the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Babbage’s term will expire on June 30, 2021.

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