Regents pass new student fee to preserve campus facilities

By Taylor Six

The EKU Board of Regents passed a new “Asset Preservation Fee” during the regularly scheduled quarterly meeting Monday, June 25, in the Perkins building.

The fee amount is determined per individual students’ credit hours, with each credit valuing $10. The fee is capped at a maximum of 15 credit hours, or $150 per semester.

In the four-hour meeting, the Board of Regents approved the “Asset Preservation Fee” to be implemented in the Fall 2018 semester. The fee, designed to preserve and maintain older facilities on campus, was agreed in a 10–1 vote with the disapproval of SGA President, Laura Jackson.

This new fee comes three years after the $150 “Special Use Fee” was introduced, and less than one year after the tuition freeze was announced, both of which were approved by the Board of Regents.

The “Special Use Fee” was approved in 2015 and was created to improve, renovate and construct student-centered facilities according to a letter from President Michael Benson.

Currently the “Special Use Fee” pays towards projects on campus like the upcoming recreation center and Powell student center renovations.

After tabling the matter at its April meeting, the Board voted 11–0 in a voice vote for the recommended suspension of the School of Psychology Master’s Program.

Track and field coach Richard “Rick” Erdmann was also honored for his retirement in a speech by Athletic Director Steven Lochmueller.

Lochmueller choked up early in his recognition saying, “Give me a second, this is emotional. This is a special person.”

Lochmueller highlighted Erdmann’s accomplishments his 37 years at EKU, including 67 Ohio Valley Conference titles, 10 consecutive men’s cross country titles and nine out of 10 women’s cross country titles.

Regent Lewis Diaz also commended Erdmann on his dedication to the University.

“First of all, coach, thank you for what you have done for this university. Winning matters, and you matter a lot,” Diaz said.

The Board of Regents also recognized the outgoing EKU SGA President Laura Jackson in her final meeting as a board member.

“This young lady has had a lot going on. She is a very interesting, active, engaged — and she decided to get married on top of all of that,” Chairman Craig Turner said. “She steadfastly served as a valued and effective advocate for Eastern Kentucky University and higher education community of the Commonwealth.”

Turner recognized Jackson’s time and dedication to the Board as a student regent and to the student body. Jackson was resolved from the Board and awarded with a plaque presented to her by Chairman Turner and President Michael Benson.

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