I intended for it to have a light tone, as I know none of it will ever actually happen and some of…
Jackie Thornhill

As I said, you at least had the good sense not to be serious about your actual proposed solution.

But an unserious proposal should at least be supported by an accurate analysis of the situation; that was, for example, the point of A Modest Proposal.

And your analysis, as I’ve outlined, is shit. It’s so shitty that you’ve even declined to defend yourself except for the “is Trump fascist” bit, i.e. you tacitly conceded that it’s shit.

And for that last bit — the similarities between Trump and Fascism are incredibly thin and weak. The Fascists worked by packing the judiciary with their supporters (helped along by the fact that the German judiciary was full of old-school Prussian militarist types anyway), and the American courts are solidly progressive; the Fascists had their Blackshirts and Sturmabteilung, and the only thing even remotely similar in America today is the Antifa (and I’d love to see how today’s pissant Antifa would contend against an actual Fascist street force); the Fascists took over and destroyed the media, whereas Trump gets into Twitter spats with them (and the media is very much aligned against him, having been overtaken by the Left); the Fascists took over academia, booting their enemies out and granting professorships to their supporters, and we can find no trace of such a thing happening here except from the Left side.

In short, if we look for Fascist tactics in America we find only a weak imitation of them, and only on the Left side. I.e. your unoriginal “Trump is Fascist” comparison is also simply awful.

No, I won’t stop posting this image. It says too much.
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