On Patriotism: A Tale of Two Americas

The Conventional Wisdom of Patriotism

Critical moment from 3:24, but the whole thing is funny

Zach Weinersmith’s America

The Weekly Weinersmith, which is so not weekly that the gap between the last two posts is 2.5 years
Excerpt from “An Important Distinction” (SMBC) by Zach Weinersmith

“The Solution”

17th of June Uprising, East Germany, 1953
SMBC comic for 7–25–2010 (first panel omitted)
Left: Graphic by Chris Piascik; Right: John Darkow cartoon taken from cagle.com

The Nationalist Vision

Kind of an important phrase
Ah, the good old days when I knew that Republicans were just awful. Life was simpler.
I don’t always agree with Cornel West, but I admire this stand he took

Epilogue: A Nationalist and a Patriot walks into a bar

Taken from lgbtqnation.com

Credit where credit is due

A Right-Opposition for the New Left.