Introducing IPM Artist James Stirling

The Institute is teeming with great artists. Today it is my pleasure to introduce James Stirling, someone I’ve got to work quite a bit with in the last few months. I’ve constantly been impressed by his work and agree with Brittany in characterizing his work as Iconic (am I right?).

How did you end up getting connected with IPM?

Mike Ramsey (@ramseycartoons on the Twitter) asked me to join up, and I said yes. It’s a great group of amazingly progressive individuals. They all impress me on a daily basis.

What’s your response to criticism of your recent pieces ‘resembling’ eastern (China/North Korea) political art?

Sunbursts are not exclusive to the East, turds.

I didn’t invent rays/sunbursts as a design element. They can be found as far back as ancient Egypt. Effective art is universal, and I am just improving and modernizing techniques to highlight Progressive candidates and policies.

Why did you first get involved in politics?

I first got involved in politics through music. As an adolescent I listened to punk and hardcore bands such as NOFX, Nausea, Charles Bronson, etc. Civil disobedience and egalitarianism are recurring themes within these contentious genres. This is when I first began to question the agenda of our government and the validity of the two party system as a true democracy.

Looking back I think my first reflections about politics originated from music as well. I know we are both fathers, how did becoming a father change your personal/political outlook? For me, this really made me look at the long term effects of everything.

Having a son greatly intensified my political views. Before I was a father I felt like there was nothing I could do to affect politics in a meaningful way. So why even try? The corruption of both parties is overwhelming and seemed insurmountable at the time. It still does, but I’m trying… For my son.

I just listened to the entirety of The Black Tapes, which has me wondering, do you believe in ghosts/demons? Sacred geometry?

I believe anything is possible, though I categorize myself as a skeptic.

If you want to get lost for a few days google:

  • Aleister Crowley
  • Baby X, Idaho
  • The Cecil Hotel
  • Leroy Carter Jr.

Can you recount a compliment that really stands out?

I take all praise to heart… Andre Roberge, Lumpy Louise, DeMock, Brittany Sneers, David Slavick, Jordan Uhl have all said some really awesome things. Paul Sorrentino (I think) compared me to Alexander Rodchenko… That compliment really stands out to me.

Written by Andre Roberge, IPM doer, writer and researcher for Progressive Army. Family Man. I play basketball in my free time.

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