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Warmongering Media Clutch Their Collective Pearls as Tulsi Gabbard Eviscerates Trump

“Like Judas of old, you lie and deceive; a world war can be won, you want me to believe.” — Bob Dylan

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Iraq War Veteran and House Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd district, Tulsi Gabbard refuses to back down.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has incurred the wrath of the Establishment after denouncing the President’s disastrous knee-jerk decision to fire 59 tomahawk missiles at a supposed arms depot alleged to have housed chemical weapons intended for deployment by Syrian jets. The strike against the Syrian government is a response to the horrific chemical weapons attack that occurred in the rebel-held Idlib region of Syria last Tuesday. Gabbard defended her most recent statements earlier this week with laser point precision when harangued by media conglomerate mouthpieces such as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, saying “Why should we just blindly follow this escalation of a counterproductive regime-change war?”

It’s a question posed by the current Major in the Hawaii Army National Guard that begs an important answer, which is why it’s so strange that most Democrats have fallen in line behind Trump. Attempting to do the mental jujitsu required to excuse calling for war on a country we’ve already been bombing for six years in the name of humanitarianism will only make your brain hurt — as it should. Still, Tulsi Gabbard continues to receive the brunt of the mainstream media’s volatility, with former Vermont Governor Howard “Dean Scream” piggybacking off of Neera Tanden’s tweet accusing Gabbard of meeting with “murderous dictator” Bashar al-Assad and not-so-subliminally imploring the representative’s 2nd district to primary the legislator.

As Gabbard’s name and reputation continues to gain traction in American households, it comes as no surprise that a movement to discredit her as a public figure has begun to bubble up in her home turf, Hawaii — just ask Shay Chan Hodges, Gabbard’s bitter former congressional rival who habitually attacks the Congresswoman as often as a publication (or a handful of Twitter followers) is willing to listen. If she’s not accusing Gabbard of being an “Islamophobe” for daring to make a clear distinction between peacefully practicing Muslims and radicalized terrorists, she’s regularly lamenting that the Congresswoman’s district voted for her. Taking the opportunity to gleefully participate in the Establishment blood-sport of publicly maligning Congresswoman Gabbard, you can add Hodges’ voice to the chorus of new turncoat Trump allies.

The bodies of nine Syrian civilians in the aftermath of Trump’s disastrous decision to bomb in Homs province were barely cold in their graves before White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the United States’ goal was to ‘make sure we destabilize Syria’ in a press conference on Monday.

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The first woman to ever receive an award from the Kuwait National Guard, Gabbard provided training to the KNG’s Counter-Terrorism Team as a Military Police Platoon Leader during her second tour in the Middle East.

No, your eyes did not deceive you — Spicer told the world that our intention is to destabilize the sovereign state of Syria, despite the fact that the United States has not been attacked. Whether or not Spicer meant to reveal in those exact words what sounds like a sinister plan that, perhaps, someone like General Wesley Clark alluded to years ago, what’s coming to fruition as of late is irrefutably terrifying.

With every passing day, Gabbard continues to grow increasingly bold in response to the deafening roar of the warmongering Establishment hacks calling for Assad’s head, facing them head on via Twitter with:

She wasted no time with her next rebuttal, aimed at her Neoliberal colleagues whose alliances are worth examining considering how quick many of them were to take up their pitchforks alongside Trump:

Gabbard has continued to handle the media’s attempts to rattle her with a calm, collected resolve, punctuating as many sentences with her signature Crest White smile that her patience will lend; her eyes, however, convey the deep pain she describes about the friends who never came home from Iraq.

Regardless of how loudly Gabbard’s critics decry her position on Assad and regime change war, the Congresswoman hasn’t stopped speaking out since she first tore into Trump from her plane en route to Hawaii, a slew of public appearances and district work awaiting her. No doubt, Gabbard’s dedication to service as both an elected leader, and an active member of the military continues to transcend the campaign to begin blacklisting her for her anti-interventionist stance on Syria.

Though Establishment talking heads have been unrelenting in their incoherent hyperbole, the Congresswoman from Hawaii remains silver-tongued and expectant — her military experience has undoubtedly given her warnings added weight, to say the least. It’s far too soon to expect the mainstream media to bend its knee to a woman of Gabbard’s stature just yet, the drums of war are drawing near and Hillary Clinton still haunts the Democratic party, no matter how many times she loses.

For those whose eyes remain trained on the electrifying Democratic Congresswoman, it’s readily apparent that she’s showing the trademarks of a leader who could change the world for the better.

Whether or not the United States will stop attempting to muzzle her is irrelevant — Tulsi Gabbard is just getting started.

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“The true Filipino is a decolonized Filipino.” — Renato Constantino

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