Ultrain’s goal is to build a public chain that can support large-scale commercial applications by April 2019. The main technical problems to be solved are: low TPS; smart contract execution flaws; complex smart contract writing; data privacy protection; Governance issues; after June 2019, we will be involved in the work of blockchain and artificial intelligence and IoT integration.

Q1: Reference to “ensure the fair and efficient decision-making intelligence strategic system”, how to ensure that artificial intelligence can achieve this goal?
A1: “not tamper with, can not be destroyed, for all transparent,” the model itself is fair; efficient, by the way it is the need to enhance learning, by enhancing the training of data input continuously to enhance its capacity; at this point centralized artificial intelligence have already been realized and have the capabilities to learn more. However at a decentralized level, i believe it wont be long before we are able to see it.

Q2: referred to “AI block chain needs to run on,” how artificial intelligence on the specific chain? On the model or interfaces? How to run in the blockchain?
A2: This and (Q1) is the same, training and operational models are on the same blockchain.

Q3: “automatically adjust relevant economic parameters through artificial intelligence to achieve optimal system” How to ensure optimal use of artificial intelligence?
A3: The transaction data of all economic systems of Ultrain are in the blockchain. The quantitative definition data of the economic system is also in the blockchain. There are input data and output data. The simplest algorithm based on random forest can realize modeling and operation. Through Output optimization parameter settings. Of course, in practice, in order to achieve system optimization, it is also necessary to integrate a priori human experience and a posteriori historical data, which will be our future work.

Everyone can write a Smart-contract

Q4: How to become “a easy to learn technology”? non coders people have weaker coding capabilities, are more likely to make mistakes, and write less efficiently. Will this make smart contracts more prone to failure?
A5: This is the core issue that we need to solve in the process of construction. There are several main aspects:
1. Provide a common template for smart contracts in different scenarios. You only need to modify the core parameters inside to complete the writing, such as sending Token.
2. Code syntax check and security check
3. Formal verification techniques for languages

Q5: The formatting grammar of human language is written. What technical support is there?
A5: This is a preliminary idea to realize the conversion of human language and programming language through NLP technology. At present, some institutions, including Microsoft and MIT laboratories, are trying to do this. We also hope to make some explorations in this regard;

Q6 : The zero-knowledge proof component mentions several features that are programmable, and do not require setup and efficiency to have relevant theoretical support and prototypes? The current public information shows that there is no relevant technological breakthrough in this regard. The current zero knowledge can only support predefined operations, how to target arbitrary assets and arbitrary proof logic?

A6: With theoretical support, we will release a prototype in September; the specific technical details will be made public after the release, and we are now applying for a patent;

Q7: What are the hardware requirements for deploying nodes, and will a mining machine based on AI chips be introduced?

A7: Looking at the long-term goals, we hope that there is not too high a requirement for hardware, and various devices and terminals can access the Ultrain network to provide services and gain revenue. From a recent perspective, when we launched the public network in April next year, the mining machine that can access the network needs a higher-performance home machine, similar to the i7 CPU, 32G memory, and the price is about 7000–8000 RMB. Later, it will specifically design the mining machine with special capabilities such as GPU access;

Mining is an important part of the ecosystem, I asked a few questions about the ecosystem of miners:

Q8: How to does hardware affects the hash/rate ?Is it similar to 3Dmark11 or Lu Master?

A8: Mainly to look at the CPU and memory capabilities, this algorithm will detect;

Q9: How does high-performance computer hardware (such as Cpu, Gpu) use the ULTRAIN pow algorithm to take advantage of its computing power?

A9: Special high-performance hardware, such as GPUs, we have special considerations in power scheduling, which will allocate some computing tasks for their hardware features, and thus get more tokens

Q10: Regarding the mining machine, does the team design, produce, and sell the mining machine by itself, or is the mining machine manufacturer designing, producing, and selling the mining machine according to the algorithm, and the team itself does not sell it? If it is the latter, is there any manufacturer in China doing similar work?

A10: The code is open source, any manufacturer can produce our mining machine; 2. The team has hardware capabilities, we will design certain hardware components to provide differentiated computing service capabilities; we are negotiating with the domestic manufacturers in this aspect of hardware production work, However, the cycle is relatively long.

Q11: Is the mining machine a professional mining machine? Can I just buy high-performance cpu hardware and ordinary computers to participate in the mining at home?

A11: Yes you can mine at home and we hope to have a large number of home users machines are involved. 2. There will be a professional mining machine, which has two characteristics, a. Customized hardware to enhance the performance of its operating Ultrain virtual machine, so as to get a certain excess return b. Service special computing purposes of the hardware, including GPU, network or Hardware that provides zero-knowledge proof services;

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