Born Pink Jakarta. Blackpink World Tour in Indonesia Recap

BLACKPINK finally held the Born Pink World Tour at the Bung Karno Stadium, Saturday (11/3) with very high enthusiasm from the Blinks who have been shown since noon for this first day’s concert

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa immediately sang their repertoire with the songs How You Like That, Pretty Savage, Whistle, Don’t Know What to Do, and Lovesick Girl. Of course, from the first time the music was played, screams from all around were immediately heard to welcome their four idols. Since starting BLACKPINK’s career in 2016, this is the moment Blinks in Indonesia have been waiting for.

The quality of the vocals and dance continued to be excellent, which made BLACKPINK have to admit that the air in Jakarta that night was hot. It can be seen from how the four of them have various portable fans of various sizes. A funny moment also appeared because Lisa was seen playing suit with one of the audience from the stage.

The excitement that night was also enjoyed by people who decided to hear this concert from outside the GBK Stadium. This is proof that BLACKPINK can be enjoyed by anyone and anywhere, both inside and outside the venue.

Each BLACKPINK member also sang their solo song as a special presentation which was continuously welcomed word for word. The four of them said they really enjoyed that night because they saw the pink ocean in all corners of the GBK Stadium which certainly looked magnificent and memorable.



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