Choose Restaurant and Cafe Chairs Wisely and Charm Up Customers

Choose restaurant and cafe chairs wisely. You should not affect the charm of the place while choosing the sitting arrangements for these individual hospitality units.

Having beautiful restaurant chairs are one of the best signs for the restaurant owners. Apart from the outlook of the modern restaurants, the interior decorations also attract the customers nowadays and the hospitality furniture plays a crucial role there. The setup of the restaurant chairs beside tables gives the welcomed note to the customers. However, in this regard, you must remember that the setup needs to be perfect to impress the customers.

In regard of restaurant, you also need to remember that a cafeteria and a bar are also different forms of restaurant. However, the approach of the cafe is different from the average restaurant. A cafeteria has a much easygoing temperament while the restaurant is much orthodox or formal. A bar, on the other hand, maintains a different approach over all.

Therefore, as the context started with the restaurant chairs, you need to look at the cafe furniture also. An overlook will prove that there is just a slightest difference between the cafe and a restaurant. If you try to dig a little deeper, you will find that the dining restaurant does not actually carry an easy approach. Where you go with your family, should have a familiar and much private approach, which you may not always see in the cafe.

Then how should a cafe be? Certainly, no one loves a crowded place. At the same time, you may not like a deserted place as well. Therefore, in the common setup for a restaurant and cafe chairs with tables, every set should maintain a proper distance. At least the distance of 6 feet will be good. In between there should be a wide place (on the isle) so that the service people can move freely to each table. Bumping on the customers is embarrassing for the service people as well as the customers.

You can see the same setup in the restaurant as well. In a restaurant, sometimes the gap between the chair and table setup is more than the average. It helps to maintain the privacy and at the same time, the service people get enough space to walk through the isle.

Now, you need to check out the sitting arrangements for the restaurants and cafe. The appearance or approach of the cafe and restaurants may be different but that should not affect the sitting setup in the hospitality units.

For the sitting setup, the tables should be at least 25” to 30” high with the chairs having a sitting height of 16” to 18” from the ground. The tables should be set in a way that does not get the customers bumped their elbows all the times against the edges. The chairs should be placed in a way that the customers find their legs properly placed right under the shade of the cafe tables. The same is applicable for the booth seating as well. However, it should be mentioned that you may not get the chance to watch much of the booth seating in the cafeterias but in the restaurants, people prefer booth seating for comfort and privacy. Certainly, for the booth seating, the tabletops should be a little wide, so that the customers on the both sides feel comfortable.

While setting the hospitality setup, you should not mix the restaurant chairs with the cafe chairs. Usually, cafe chairs are trendier while restaurant chairs (in most of the restaurants) are elegant ones. Keeping this information in mind, you can choose the proper sitting arrangements for the customers of your hospitality unit and make them happy.