booth seating

Comfort the Customers with Proper Booth Seating Arrangements

Keeping the matter of comfort in mind, the restaurant tables and chairs should be modified properly. The booth seating should also be fixed by reminding the same in mind.

A cosy and comfortable feeling is all that every person wants to get in a restaurant or in a cafeteria. In that process, you can get the chance of relaxing yourself more before calming down the fire in your belly. In short, relaxation is the key factor prior to the foods in a hospitality unit. Stepping inside a restaurant, you always look out for a perfect sitting arrangement. In that regard, you will certainly prefer a booth seating there.

Why choose booth seating?

Comfort is the key to the visitors in a restaurant. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the restaurant owners to provide the best support to the customers. The visual and physical pleasures are close matters and therefore, you need to keep your customers attracted by providing them the best-sitting arrangements. Booth seating is the cosiest seating arrangement you can think of. You may use it with a long table or a small table, those, who are using the booths, will always enjoy their privacy as long as they are on the place.

Therefore, you can see that it is the matter of privacy and comfort, for what booths are preferred in most of the restaurants. Then, you can surely ask, what about the chairs?

In order to settle the confusion, it can be mentioned that the booth seatings are not there to replace the chairs because you cannot fix the booths in the middle to block the aisle. If the aisle is blocked, the service people may not easily move to the place all around. Therefore, the use of the chairs beside the booth is required to design the sitting setups of the restaurants or cafes.

Alongside the restaurant chairs and booths, you now should take a look at the tables as well.

The tables for restaurants and cafeteria

It is important to find the proper set of tables for the restaurants while you decide about using them with chairs and booth seating in a proper way. You can find restaurant tables of different designs. It may come with wooden finish, granite finish as well as a glossy or matte finish that will make the appearance of the tables more elegant.

You should also remember that the chairs and tables in the restaurants should maintain a proper height. The height of the tables usually is 25” to 30” from the ground while the chairs or booth seatings maintain the height of 16” to 18” (the sitting place). It is done because no one will prefer his or her elbows to brush against the table repeatedly.

Now, as you know that the restaurants and cafe are the different units, certainly a question will surface whether the cafe chairs and tables should be same alike the restaurants.

The cafeterias have an easier approach and you need to remember it while setting chairs and tables for the cafe. However, the height of the cafe tables and the chairs will be same as they are in the restaurants. Even though the booth seating arrangements are not seen in the cafeteria, using them will not hamper the appearance of the place. On the contrary, they can make the cafeteria look good to some extent.

However, in the end, it should be mentioned that be it a restaurant or a cafe, the arrangements of booth seating alongside the tables and chairs should be made properly so that they do not affect the peace and relaxation of the body and minds of the customers.