The Complete Guideline about Booth Seating in Restaurants | Bentwood chairs| Restaurant tables

Some aspects have to be clear about the design, seating arrangement and more accessibilities by the visitors when you are about to set up a restaurant business. The very first thing that people are seeking in every cafe or restaurant, where they want to spend some rosy times, is not the size of the place but the level of comfort. This is the reason why most of the customers of the restaurants are in search of booth seating over tables.

Yes, it is true that according to the reports, people feel more comfortable in sitting booths. That does not mean, there should not be any pattern, design or shape for the arrangement.

Keep reading to know the perfect setting of the booths and restaurant chairs that may attract more visitors.

Some Important Booth Features

Once the restaurant-owners understand why the customers prefer the booth seating, they order more booths for the customers. Every booth has various aspects, such as construction, shape, setting and design. Choose the booths accordingly.


Height of the Table Matters

Not every height of the booth table increases the comfort level. Being a cafe owner your utmost need is to take care of the comfort level of your customers. The table height should be at least 36–38 inches that come up to the shoulder blades of an adult and average height man. This height provides the customers enough support for the lower back.

Table Length Is Vital

Length of a booth table is vital when you choose it as one of the best cafe furniture of your eatery. If is it for only two people make it enough lengthy that does not fee them too proximity but comfortable. A two-seated table should be at least 45 inches long. If you want more comfort level for them make them 48 inches long. Certainly, you need to balance the length of the booth table with the size of your restaurant.

Set the Seat Properly

The booth seat is vital. More than 60% comfort has aroused by sitting a perfect soft and cozy booth chair or seat. Springs tend to offer more support and comfort. Also, make sure soft pads and leather on the topcoat coat them. People like it the most when they find some extra foam in the booth chairs. You can arrange padded and leather coated bentwood chairs if your budget is low. Also, the wooden seats and bare metal seat can be arranged at the inexpensive financial plan.

Do Not Ignore the Upholstery

Benches with the pad, foam and springs with cloth or leather cover is the part of the Upholstery of any restaurant furniture. One of the highest quality upholstered seats is vinyl seating arrangement that is comfortable as well as money saving.

Take Care of the Kick Base

The bottom part of the booth seating is called kick base. Though it s not in the vital parts of the booth construction, the present of it make the patron more enjoyable. It provides a comfortable sitting position as the heels get an extra support.


One cannot measure the constructive part of the booth unless he/she have a seat on it. However, the shape of restaurant tables becomes a visual treat if designed well. Many eateries install straight booth benches, using wall on the three sides. Make the visitor feel like private as they who are in search of booth seating are actually looking for a private space.

One of the best ways to adorn the corner of the restaurant is to set up a round booth there. In that case, you need to arrange matching circular or semi-secular chairs or stools with the round booth.


Design is the vital aesthetic quality of booths. Vinyl upholstered benches have numbers of panels along with the back of the bench. These panels are divided by edging and the back of the seats have approximately three channels. And the height numbers of these channels can be eight. The wooden booths have the perfect and polished curved detail. Color is one of the parts of the design. A thorough retrospect of different restaurants and cafe says that people do not like different and experimental colors in booths. Most used color in booth seating is black and red comes to the second. These two color bring a perfect combination of posh and privacy.

Many restaurant customers prefer sitting on the booths than the tables that are situated in the open room of the eatery. Make sure you install a comfortable as well as gorgeous to the customers. For best quality booth seating, you can contact Have a Seat, the perfect destination for hospitality furniture.

Originally published at on March 6, 2017.