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Do “big ones” make fewer mistakes when it comes to combining business and UX? It may seem that yes because they have more experience, there are more people, a larger budget, so many products introduced to the market…

And yet… the truth is far from that! Regardless of the undertaking’s scale, there are a few mistakes which everyone still makes — large corporations, medium size companies, and the smallest startups.

Mistakes which hurt more when the business is big.

1. When “everyone is our client” — meaning when we don’t know our persona

Asking about the target group is the first question we ask in order to understand the project and business behind it. And it is perhaps the most often asked when we hear an answer like “I don’t know” or “everyone” — both indicating that we don’t know the basic thing about our business, meaning who we sell to — therefore, how can we do it well? …

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When I talk about the concept of lean marketing sprints during conferences, meetings with potential customers or when planning marketing tactics in sprints for our customers at Project: People, I often come across full disbelief: “A week? …


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