Case study: #Smogfighters — You can save the World with us!

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It was one of those cool projects: very responsive business partner, you understand each other in a flow, the goal is singular and clear, the product & the team you promote are (really!) changing the World :D — Sounds like a dream? We just made it happen in our cooperation with the Airly team, a.k.a. #Smogfighters!

How did it start?

We already knew each other from many startup events across Poland, Airly team was also a finalist at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards, a competition we co-organized as Project: People. They contacted us in August this year, we met with Airly CEO — Wiktor Warchałowski, spoke about their needs and problems, [and the rest, as they say, is history].

The need: the Airly team should grow quickly; they should grow their team by 30% by the end of the year.

The problem: The Polish IT employment market is very competitive, especially when hiring back- & front-end developers. And Airly team don’t want to compete based on the salary and benefits. They’d love to hire engaged, highly motivated people, whose values are similar to those of the team, people who truly believe their job is influencing reality.

What Airly is doing?

You should already have noticed that they’re doing something truly meaningful :D Yes, they are! The Airly team is building a network of sensors which monitor the quality of air in Poland and Europe. Thanks to this, you can quickly verify if it’s safe to go for a walk with your child or go running with friends. Thanks to their online map you can check if SMOG factors are high and where exactly, you can even have your own sensor checking the situation around your localization. Smog influences the everyday lives of citizens in the big cities. You can find out more here:

Our job

Our task was to propose employer branding activities which would help them fulfil their goals.

The process

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*Sprint = 5 working days during which the team is focussed on one goal and a set of defined deliverables.

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The whole content was consistent and expressive — the message was really clear.

Time & Toolbox

The 1st sprint started on August 21st and the campaign was launched on September 13th, 😮 Waat? We hear you say :) Yes, we did it all in less than one month, and to be honest it wasn’t a project delivered in a hurry. As we mentioned at the very beginning — it was one of those cool projects: everything on time, with no nervous atmosphere, or a push from the client’s side (BTW: Thank you Wiktor!).

Obviously, we continued our cooperation — the campaign was designed for 3 months. But the core was prepared and delivered in those 3 weeks.

How we did it? 3 things were crucial:

  • direct communication,

What was helpful too, was the set of tools we used:

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The goal was to hire 5 people to the team by the end of the year — and it was achieved! In fact, it was fulfilled by the end of November, in 2,5 months.

Obviously, the result is a combination of many elements and activities. The Airly team provided all kinds of recruitment activities during the campaign, e.g. LinkedIn sourcing, approaching candidates directly, etc.

The results are really impressive — they have grown their team by 30% in 2,5 months!

They are still hiring — so if you’d like to join the #smogfighters team and help save the World with them check out: :)


You can see the design project at our Behance profile >>

Here, you can see the landing page of the campaign >>

Here, you can see the Airly Facebook profile >>

Who we are?

Project: People is the lean strategy agency. We are helping our clients to find a right business model, define users and find them, solve their problems & meet their needs.

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