Project Atlas
Mar 31, 2018 · 3 min read

After the Facebook saga of banning crypto related ads and promotions on its website, many other social media giants followed suit, crippling the crypto space in a way and starving many good projects of the needed publicity.

In the crypto space, this came as a shock as it happened in a time when crypto enthusiasts thought they could leverage on the strength of such platforms for promotional activities with a view to actualizing mass adoption of the Blockchain technology and eventually, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

The negative consequences of such bans cannot be overemphasised and many entities that kicked against the retrogressive development, knowing it will hinder the growth of the industry, sought alternative platforms to achieve promotional goals. This inspired us to create an effective and alternative platform — “Project-Atlas”, with a view to solving all Crypto and Blockchain promotional challenges.

Project-Atlas is a community project focused on promoting open source projects, crypto projects, and other related Crypto or Blockchain activities, using the atlas crowd force marketing skills to create the desired social media awareness.

The community is situated at the beautiful bay of discord, with the atlas crowd force ready to start an immediate campaign for any open source or crypto related project or activity, the very instance an agreement is reached and necessary details made available.

Presently, all Project-Atlas campaign activities are posted on whaleshares Blog which is our only blog on the whaleshares platform. More blogs will be announced in the future.

The community is also ready to partner with any Crypto or Blockchain related project that means well for the crypto space. Such projects are expected to be scalable, with a good road map for massive adoption and also geared towards a global scale.



The Project-Atlas team which is basically a Blockchain advocate comprises of individuals with different skill sets. They include

  • Writers
  • Media marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Twitter and Instagram lords (over 20k followers)
  • Media marketing strategist.

Lets join forces and campaign your project

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