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Our vision is a world where sexual assault is rare and survivors are supported. Our mission is to create technology that combats sexual assault, supports survivors, and advances justice. And we can’t do it alone.

Help bring this vision to the world. See our open positions:

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We are stronger. Together.

In solidarity,
Team Callisto

We are proud of all that we have accomplished in 2018, and we look forward to supporting more survivors as we continue to grow in the new year.

It has been an important year for Callisto.

We launched our new Callisto Expansion product with the startup founder community.

We created The Survivor’s Guide to provide resources for those who have experienced sexual assault, rape, or professional sexual coercion.

We continued to provide a platform for student survivors of…

As we roll out Callisto Expansion, we will have legal supports in place, ready to help survivors make the choices that are right for them.

Survivors have options.
Survivors also face risks.
Figuring out what each of those are is hard.
It’s hard to know if you need an attorney.
It’s hard to find one.
It’s hard to afford one.
It’s hard to trust one.
It’s hard wondering whether you’re the only one.

Callisto solves…

Callisto: Tech to Combat Sexual Assault

Callisto is a non-profit organization that develops technology to combat sexual assault and sexual coercion.

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