A letter from our founder, Jess Ladd

I hope you and your loved ones are well in this challenging and unprecedented time.

I wanted to share some exciting news about a new chapter for Callisto. This winter, I decided it was time to step aside as CEO and make way for new leadership. We now have an opportunity to search for and select a new CEO for this amazing organization.

I deeply love this team and our mission, and believe with all my heart that we are building the smartest solution to one of the most important problems in the world at the exact right time. There is nowhere I would rather work and nothing I’d rather build.

In 2009, I started work on So They Can Know, a website to help people with sexually transmitted diseases notify their partners. So They Can Know became the nonprofit Sexual Health Innovations, which in turn created a series of initiatives including Callisto. In 2018, we officially changed our name from Sexual Health Innovations to Callisto. I’ve spent the last 11 years building this organization in its various forms, and I’m deeply proud of what my team and I built and eternally grateful to all of you who helped us build it.

We’ve accomplished so much together. We’ve helped thousands of survivors learn about their options, securely save records of their assault, and connect with other victims of the same assailant. We’ve provided critical data to colleges that helped shape their sexual assault prevention and response policies. We’ve influenced legislation and inspired other organizations to create similar systems. Callisto is in a great place with a strong team and culture, and I’m so excited for the new product we’re launching this summer which will integrate the lessons learned during these last five years.

This organization is, I’m proud to say, at a different stage than when I founded it. The day-to-day challenges of the CEO have changed, and I believe it is time to bring in someone with fresh energy and the right skill set for the next chapter of Callisto. I believe so much in this organization, and have realized that at this juncture I can better serve Callisto playing a different role — one of supporter rather than leader.

I will be taking the next 12 months to recharge, ideate, and figure out what’s next. In the meantime, I plan to continue to advise and support the Callisto team as needed.

Tina Robilotto is joining us as our Interim CEO. Tina has had an impressive career leading operations at both sexual health nonprofits and healthcare tech startups, a rare and relevant combination. I am excited to have Tina join the team and ensure a smooth transition to the eventual new CEO. I am confident in this team’s ability to truly embody our mission, grow our impact, and build the technology needed to combat sexual assault, support survivors, and advance justice.

We have retained the search firm Carlson Beck to lead our recruitment efforts for our new permanent CEO. We’ll be sharing the job posting with you shortly!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Founding and leading Callisto has been the honor of a lifetime. Thank you for believing in me and in Callisto. Thank you for changing the world alongside me.

In solidarity,
Jess Ladd
Founder, Callisto

Jess Ladd, Callisto Founder

Callisto is a non-profit organization that develops technology to combat sexual assault and sexual coercion.