Legal Options Counselors Support Survivors

As we roll out Callisto Expansion, we will have legal supports in place, ready to help survivors make the choices that are right for them.

Survivors have options. 
Survivors also face risks. 
Figuring out what each of those are is hard. 
It’s hard to know if you need an attorney. 
It’s hard to find one. 
It’s hard to afford one. 
It’s hard to trust one.
It’s hard wondering whether you’re the only one.

Callisto solves that.
Callisto provides survivors of repeat perpetrators of sexual assault or coercion an attorney focused only on supporting them. 
We call them Legal Options Counselors.

What is it?
A Legal Options Counselor is an attorney, vetted by Callisto, who will advise survivors of their rights and will help them navigate options for taking action. All conversations with the Legal Options Counselor are protected under attorney-client privilege to ensure that privacy is protected. This service is free for those who have Callisto accounts.

How does it work?
If more than one person names the same perpetrator through our matching system, a match is created. Within three days of a match, a Legal Options Counselor reaches out to the survivor. They talk to them about what happened. They discuss their fears and assess their goals.

Then, they talk through each option, each risk, and each process. There is no one “right” path for any person to take, and our Legal Options Counselors are here to help each person find the best choice for themselves. Maybe that means confronting the perpetrator, getting a restraining order, or restorative justice. Maybe it means a criminal process, a civil lawsuit, or a blog post. Maybe it means connecting safely with survivors of the same perpetrator.

The Legal Options Counselor helps the survivor choose what, if anything, is right for them. They’ll tell them what it might look like and who can help. And, they are available to survivors for up to a month, just in case something changes.

Survivors stay in control.
Throughout the process, survivors remain in control of their choices and options. Survivors will never have their information or identity shared with other victims without their consent. Survivors will never be obligated to take the advice of the Legal Options Counselor or follow through with advice or suggestions from Legal Options Counselors. Our goal is to empower survivors with information so that they retain agency in deciding if and how they come forward.

We are recruiting. 
If you are an attorney who would like more information on how to serve as a Legal Options Counselor with Callisto, please contact

We are looking for attorneys with experience in survivor-centered advocacy — either with sexual harassment or assault. This includes employment, restraining orders, civil suits, administrative law, or the criminal process. We are currently seeking attorneys licensed to practice in California only, and will repost as opportunities for other states arise.

Callisto Legal Options Counselors
Support survivor agency,
Are highly empathetic,
Use a survivor centered-approach, 
Understand what legal options exist (and don’t), 
Think expansively and freely beyond existing legal routes, 
And consider the impact on the client and on their community.