I can’t feel shame for a post that doesn’t apply to me.
Sumant Manne

I don’t wholly disagree with you, and we might even be able to have a productive conversation if you could put away your hatred of feminists. As it is, I fail to see how a woman getting angry at a date is anywhere near as serious as rape.

Also, if your friends want to have sex without a man asking, it’s not rape. Rape is sex a woman doesn’t want. What I advocate for people being 100% sure that both parties agree to have sex. It’s really hard to do that without talking. I know that this reality is disappointing for some men and women, but their disappointment is not a bigger deal than what happens when someone thinks their partner wants it and is wrong.

Also, it’s worth noting that most rapes aren’t miscommunications. Most of them are people who don’t care about consent. Again, if you stopped hating on feminists for 30 seconds, you might realize you agree with many of them on that score.

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